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Makati Express

Makati started its operations in 1980 and soon became one of the best Filipino Cargo forwarders in Malaysia, Singapore, United Kingdom, Indonesia, India, etcetera. Over 3 decades Makati express has been working for Filipinos and overseas workers by providing them safe, economical, reliable, and door to door delivery service.

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To provide hassle free and error free services, Makati express makes sure that its employees have enough experience to provide reliable customer service. They employee professionals that have an experience of around 40+ years in freight and logistic industry.

To cater your cargo shipments, Makati express provides shipment via air as well as sea. They provide not only reliable but also cost-effective services. Their value-added services have made them more competitive in the past few years.

Makati Express Tracking

When it comes to companies that provide logistics and shipmen services, the only thing that differentiates them from other companies is their tracking service. Tracking service is very essential for customers as it prevents them from the unnecessary wait for their shipment that they would have to go through otherwise if the tracking facility is not available.

makati express tracking

Makati Express Tracking provides multiple information through their tracking service. Under the Makati Tracking service, you can get to know the tentative date and time at which the shipment will be delivered. It is a very necessary information as the businesses need to make relevant arrangements for it and by knowing the tentative time of delivery, they can make the arrangements in due time.

Makati Express Cargo also provides its customers with order history which gives all the details regarding the date and time the shipment was booked, left the warehouse, was with the carrier, was in transit, or was delivered. It gives you all the details making it easy for you to keep a track of your shipment.

All of the above-mentioned tracking facilities can be accessed using the AWB number that you might have received at the time of booking your shipment along with your receipt that consists of your shipment address and billing details. You simply have to enter the AWB number in the text box under the tab ‘tracking’ on Makati Express’s tracking and you will be able to access all the details regarding your shipment.

The entire tracking facility is for customers to be able to have control over the entire delivery process and have transparency to keep them at peace and prevent them from unnecessarily worrying about the delivery of their package.

Customer Support

There are multiple branches of Makati Express and you can access their contact details under the ‘contact’ tab on their website.

Unit H Irasan St. Irasan Complex
Brgy. San Dionisio, Paranaque City

(02) 553-5009

(02) 781-5711

(0925) 872-9342