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What is Marken?

Marken, a UPS company, will take you through your entire pharmaceutical journey beginning from clinical trials and ending at commercialization. They provide patients all over the world a chance to connect with new medicines through Marken’s services.

Marken offers GMP-compliant depot network and logistics to store and distribute in 58 locations all over the world. Their staff manages shipment of drug products and biological samples at various temperatures with the help of dry ice and in various locations.

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Marken has a unique position in pharma and logistics industry because of their distinct services like cell and gene supply chain services, storage and distribution, GDP, and other distinct services that none of its competitors provide.

Mission of Marken

Ever since Marken started their mission has been consistent. They aim to deliver what matters the most to the world. They want to be able to connect patients worldwide with new medicines for their well-being.

To stay in line with their mission, Marken has been distributing drugs in different locations of the world. It is usually difficult to transport drugs that require to be shipped at a certain temperature, but Marken makes sure to meet the demands of patients by providing delivery at a range of temperatures suitable for the drugs.

They have become market leaders due to their unique services like direct patient and home healthcare services for its patients that might need services at the comfort of their homes. The Marken courier reaches well packed and in top notch condition to patient’s houses.


As you open their website you will see a wide range of products and services it deals with, whether it’s related to a drug or home healthcare services or storage and transport of intoxicants.

Beginning with the biological sample shipping service, Marken provides distribution of various biopharmaceuticals that include vaccines, peptides, proteins, hormones, and much more. Each pack is customized according to the needs of the patient and then delivered in a temperature-controlled packaging to meet the storage requirements.

marken tracking

Marken provides transport at every level and Marken’s Closed Loop service is a new initiative that solves company’s supply chain problems. Marken picks up the boxes provided to the companies and recondition them for future use making it easy for companies.

This firm has one secure system for booking and tracking through which it is able to meet all the needs of services, logistics, and delivery of patients as well as companies.

Global Project Management

Marken’s project management team is aware of the importance of shipments and understands all aspects of clinical trial processes to ensure that all shipments are transported safely and efficiently without any delays.  

They define and prepare a plane for the project and communicate it to the Marken team as well as the precious clients of Marken. They then provide regular status reports and ensure that clinical trial supplies are processed in time ensuring all Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs).

Marken Transport and Logistic Options

Being the only logistics provider that provides services at all levels, Marken has three logistic services: Specialty, Express, and Hybrid.

Marken has been providing supply chain support to pharmaceuticals and life science industries since many years. Specialty Logistics Service is designed to ship time and temperature sensitive packages in regions and countries which are challenging. A team of experts looks over the clinical trial materials.

UPS express service is designed to ship packages in developed geographies during business hours. It is a quick service as it provides overnight and early morning services, so you do not have to wait for longer hours in case of an emergency.

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Hybrid logistics services is to eliminate the need for companies to outsource portions of their supply chain. Its main purpose is to facilitate the return of reusable packages to companies and to provide tracking devices to facilitate companies.

Marken Tracking

Marken’s mission is to cater patients all over the world. It is not an easy task to cater patients and companies all over the world as drugs require certain conditions in which they must be transported. Keeping all these challenges in mind, Marken came up with a very efficient shipment system. It aims to bring the best for customers without them worrying for anything.  

You do not even have to worry about drugs getting ruined on their way to you as Marken has an efficient temperature-controlled delivery system where temperature of drugs is controlled with the help of dry ice.

The Marken courier reaches to you in an explicit condition with remarkable timing. The estimated time for deliveries is 3-4 days in normal circumstances and are subject to change with the weather.

Marken Shipment Tracking

Usually, as soon as you hit the order button you start worrying about the time the package will reach your destination. To cater this need of customers, Marken came up with a shipment tracking system known as FastTrack.

Marken’s FastTrack facility can be availed on their website. You will have to enter the Marken courier tracking number that you would have received at the time of booking your order. It supports both international and domestic Marken courier services. Multiple shipments (up to 25 shipments) can be tracked by separating with a comma.

Marken Order Status

Marken not only tracks your order but also tell you the status of your order which means at which stage your order is in at that moment. By entering your Marken courier tracking number you will receive all the details like source of the courier, current location, dispatch date, delivery date. It will also let you know in case of any delays.

Customer Service

To get in touch with Marken, you can go to the Contact page on Marken’s website where you will find three options. One is to contact a global team member which will take you directly to your email so that you can write to them.

Second is to find a local office which takes you to a map where you can find their nearest location. Third is to return Marken package or device which again takes you to your email so that you can write to them.