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Overview of MEDU

MEDU is the abbreviation for Mediterranean Shipping Company. It is a company globally recognized for its services in the logistics and shipping sector. It operates in almost 155 companies dealing with major economies of the world and is one of the emerging markets around the globe.

This company came into existence in 1970 and became privately owned by Aponte family in the year 1978. It had his headquarters in Geneva, Switzerland. From having its headquarters in one country to expanding its network all over the world, it has established itself as a leader in the shipping industry.

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It has now an expansive network with 10,000 employees along with a fleet consisting of 600 vessels. With such a wide network it is able to offer products and services to multiple communities, international partners, as well as all its customers.

In order to provide services locally as well as globally, MEDU container tracking has access to roads, railway networks, and sea ports. It also has the resources to be able to use the aforementioned mediums for transportation.

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MEDU has diversified its services to be able to cater a wide range of audience. In this way it is also able to cater the ever changing needs of its customers. Their main focus is to stay grounded to their roots and build lifelong relationships with partners as well as customers.

MEDU Tracking

A customer wants the best quality and timely service when it is looking for a shipping company to fulfill its logistics requirements or provide supply chain solution to its company. But most importantly a customer prefers that the company provides tracking facility.

MEDU SCAC tracking facility can be availed by going to ‘track your shipment’ tab under their website. You can then add your bill of lading your shipment number to track your order. These numbers are provided to you at the time you are booking your order.

The tracking facility provides a plethora of details to the customer or business regarding their shipment. Through MEDU’s tracking you can get to know the tentative date and time at which your order will be delivered to you. This makes it easy for the customer to be available at that time.

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Moreover, by knowing the expected time of delivery the customer can also make any necessary arrangements required. This makes it easy for the customers as they will not have to unnecessarily wait for their shipment and deal with the uncertainty of it.

Through MEDU MSC tracking you can also see the order status of your shipment. This means you can get to know the date and time at which your order was at different locations from warehouse to deliver. You can also get to know the current location of your order.

MEDU Customer Service

To build relationships with their customers, MEDU primarily focuses on its customer service. MEDU makes sure that all the queries of the customers are answered within the 24 hour time frame. You can contact their local offices in different countries on their respective number available under the ‘contact’ tab on their website. You can contact the head office on the following number and address:

Call: +41227038888
Email: [email protected]

MSC Mediterranean Shipping Company SA Chemin
Rieu 12-14,1208 Geneva Switzerland