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Overview of MSC Tracking

MSC stands for Mediterranean Shipping Company which specializes in the shipping and logistics sector. It is a global business, working in almost 155 countries, facilitating as many people across the globe as possible. They are known to provide international trade facilities between major economies of the world and among emerging markets in countries across all the continents.

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MSC was founded in 1970 and set up its headquarters in 1978 in Geneva Switzerland. It is a privately owned organization and considered a leader when it comes to container shipping. They evolved from a one vessel operation to 600 vessels and more than 10000 staff becoming a globally respected shipping company.

To set the standards for digital shipping, MSC has been a driving force in the evolution of smart containers in the shipping industry. They have 524 offices through which they ensure that shippers can directly communicate with the representatives in case of any queries and to bridge the communication gap that might arise. MSC has started using a variety of e-business solutions o facilitate customers with digitalized cargo bookings.

As the years have passed by, MSC has expanded their services and diversified its activities so, now they include overland transportation, logistics, and a growing portfolio of port terminal investments. Their primary focus is to continue building and maintaining long term relationships with their partners and all types of customers, no matter the size or scale.

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MSC puts in a lot of effort to understand and get to know its customers. In this way, they are able to tailor their services according to the needs and requirements of their customers. This method of MSC to gain additional value from customers has made them industry experts and leaders in the shipping industry. Some of the services of MSC include dry cargo, reefer cargo, project cargo, warehousing and storage solutions, cross trading, customs clearance, cargo trailers, etcetera.

MSC Container Tracking

MSC has dedicated an entire section of their website to ‘track a shipment’. Using this tab, you can enter your container number or bill of lading and check your order status, order history and MSC tracking.

At the time of booking your shipment with MSC, you might have received a receipt consisting of your billing and shipping details. It also consists of container numbers or bills of lading. After entering these numbers MSC provides you with the details of your package.

You get to know the date and time your package left the facility of MSC, was in shipment, in transit, or delivered to you. Along with real-time updates, MSC also provides tentative dates and times for package delivery so that the recipient is available at that time.

The entire tracking facility increases customer satisfaction and customer value as it prevents customers from unnecessarily worrying about their package, therefore, keeping them at peace. It also provides transparency to the customers regarding the entire delivery process and gives them control over their delivery as well as their package.

Contact Support

You can contact the team of MSC using the following details

Call: +41227038888
Email: [email protected]

MSC Mediterranean Shipping Company SA Chemin Rieu 12-14,1208 Geneva Switzerland