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If you want to know about your shipment details with Next tracking insert next tracking number to check trace your order.

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About Next

The Next retail company originally opened its doors in 1982, with an exclusive assortment of fashionable women’s clothing, shoes, and cosmetics. Since then, it has grown to include a wide selection of high-quality items for ladies, men, kids, and the household. From the advent of internet shopping in 1999 to the publishing of the very first Next Directory catalogue in the year 1988, Next has changed the way we buy. The firm is continually inventing and enhancing its flagship website, providing unique and engaging features.

Next continues to be at the top of the UK retail or fashion sectors, creating on-trend collections that are both fashionable and affordable. Today, Next operates around 500 stores across the United Kingdom and Ireland, as well as about 200 outlets in cities across the world. It works relentlessly to ensure that the customer’s purchasing experience is enjoyable, pleasant, and, most importantly, accessible to all.

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Finding Nearest Store

Please visit the following link to locate your nearest shop:, or you can find the nearest store after checkout. On the Shipping Options screen, simply select the store option.

Depending on your account location, the “store information” section will show you the nearest Next locations. If this shop isn’t right for you, or you’d want your purchase to be shipped somewhere else, put the store’s city, town, or postcode into the search bar, and then press “Search” to get a list of options.

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Next Delivery

If your account includes a telephone number, next will send a text message to confirm the parcel(s) are in store and available for pickup. They will also send you an e-mail once you’ve entered an e-mail address with your account.  After 10 days from the date of delivery the order is ready for pickup.

If the order is not picked up, the parcel(s) will be returned to their warehouse, where the return and refund process will be started.

Track Next Order

To track next order, Log in using your email address or customers id and password in My Account section. Choose ‘Order Tracking’ from the drop-down menu (Please note that this data is updated on a regular basis). Throughout the process, you will get tracking emails that will specify how many goods have been dispatched as well as all of your delivery details.

Next Customer Service

Next, Desford Road, Enderby, Leicester, LE19 4AT

Head Office Information

Next Retail Ltd Desford Road Enderby Leicester LE19 4AT


0333 777 4577*

Company Registration Number


VAT Registration Number

179 7658 90.