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Overview Of The OCI

OCI stands for the Overseas Citizen Of India. Those who have a foreign citizenship, but want to avail the benefits of Indian Government can apply for this scheme.

It is a wonderful scheme devised by the Indian Government to recognize those citizens of India residing abroad as Indians and offer them special benefits on some fronts. One of the main needs of Indians residing in foreign countries is their travel documents.

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Although they are attached to their country of origin, they also need Visa for entering India either with the initial intention of visiting relatives or with business purposes.

Using OCI’s services, people mainly from South Asian countries can easily get their Indian Visa in less than 24 hours. Further, OCI’s Visit Visa contains multiple entries and it is not like other regular Indian Visas. Moreover, the OCI Cardholder can stay in India up to 180 days which might be extended by another 90 days under specific conditions.

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OCI Services: Multiple Entry Visas for All Foreign Nationals

Many people wonder if they can apply for an OCI card if they have a criminal record? Well, this is not possible. People with any kind of arrest or conviction cannot get an OCI card. In case you are convicted, the office will take back your OCI Card and may ask for deportation from India.

There are about nine different countries which come under the ambit of this scheme. These include the United States, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Italy, Singapore, Germany, Japan and South Africa. The reason for choosing these countries is that around 30 lakh people from these countries travel to India annually.

The OCI Scheme is ideal for those individuals who can visit India at least once in two years. This way they will be able to get an OCI Card. It is also a smart option for those individuals who do not have the citizenship of any one country and at the same time want to enjoy some benefits offered by more than one nation.

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OCI Tracking Status

OCI card tracking is something that many people tend to worry about. What if their OCI cards were lost or delayed? People want to know of the ways to OCI tracking VFS and checking their OCI status. It is essential to have an idea about whether your card has been dispatched. If it has not, then you should check out for updates regarding when it will be.

You can easily track your OCI shipment via the Indian Government’s official website. If you are not aware of anything about OCI card tracking, then just perform the step we are going to tell you below.

Scroll to the top of this page and add your tracking number in the box, from there, you can easily get to know of your order’s tracking status and where it is!