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Brand Introduction

Olx is a virtual marketplace that is based on the idea of consumer-to-consumer selling. The platform was first introduced back in 2006 by Fabrice Grinda Alec Oxenford and Jordi Castello. It’s one of the brands owned by Olx Group, one of the world’s leading networks of online marketplaces.

The thought behind the start-up was to introduce a marketplace to cater to the consumers in emerging markets. There’s been a drastic growth seen in the recognition of the platform since its founded. It has revolutionized the idea of buying and selling online with easy access to common buyers/sellers. 

Olx is now performing its operations in around 40 countries across the globe including the regions such as Asia Pacific, Africa, Latin America, and Eastern Europe that are overlooked by the giant tech and virtual companies. 

The online platform of the company bears the record of attracting more than 2000 million active users monthly. Around 1.7 billion people visit their page in a month which makes a collective figure of 1.7 billion monthly visitors including 35 billion page views on a monthly basis. 

How Does It Work?

The working of Olx is quite simple, it offers a variety of self-service functions to its end users. Sellers have to post pictures of the products they desire to sell with descriptions and titles. The advertisement is then displayed on the listings where the interested buyers can browse the items. 

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It deals with both new and used items. The users can post ads free of cost to buy/purchase the products at the most suitable cost by staying within their desired budget. 

If the buyer likes the commodity, he can contact the seller directly and can negotiate on the prices to make a fair deal. Olx plays a part of a catalyst between the dealings of two interested parties i.e. the buyers and the sellers. Thus, not invading into the private matters of the users like the bargaining conversations, transactions, and advances.

With Olx, the users get to enjoy ongoing support through articles containing guidelines and a pathway of its usage. You can also get personalized support via email.

The company’s customer support system is quite efficient in delivering updated developments and activities about the platform through its social media handles on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Youtube, and Instagram.

Key Resources of Olx

The key resources of the company include its mobile and online availability, technology and communications infrastructure, its distribution and marketing channels, its partners, and particularly its IT support and development staff. 

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Olx monitors a wide chain of data networks that are comprised of multiple data centers along with the different infrastructure that is the backbone of their smooth operations. It has a wide number of offices operating in the Americas, Africa, Europe, and Asia. 

The Deliverable items 

Olx offers delivery of almost all the items listed except for real estate, vehicles, and large machinery. You just have to pick your desired product, make a deal and the rest will be handled by Olx through its quick and efficient shipment services. 

The brand is still working to make the deliveries of the larger home appliances possible very soon. That will add more to the number of their potential users. 

The Delivery Process of Olx

Using this platform, various private and professional users close their deals for multiple commodities. Along with offering the best deals relevant to your interests, Olx accommodates the users with its strong and quick delivery services. 

Your Olx order item takes a minimum of 24-48 hours to get delivered to you. The shipment service with the most interesting and captivating deals is a cherry on top!

What Is the Olx Tracking Number?

When you’re done with the checkout process after choosing your item, you receive a system-generated number in your order confirmation email. You can use that code further to stay connected to your order until it reaches you.  

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You can also go to ‘tracking your account’ to get details about the details of your order. The section will provide you with all the deals’ history you have closed through the platform. 

How You Can Use the Olx Tracking?

In order to track your parcel, all you need to do is to insert the tracking number in the above given search bar. Then go to the ‘track my order’ and the system will then automatically fetch the information about the location and current status of your Olx shipping item. 

This will provide you with an insight into the location and the estimated time of the arrival of the package as well. You can not only track the order but can schedule the receiving day and time accordingly. 

You’ll enjoy its transparent tracking service as the best in town. Its fast and well-structured operations can make your order tracking a hassle-free process. Unlike other tracking services, that can bring not-so-accurate order status, Olx facility tracking will never disappoint you with its interesting offerings.  

Ways To Reach Out To Customer Support

In case you face any ambiguity regarding the Olx tracking or have any other queries, feel free to contact us. Our customer support team is always there to assist you with their best to make your order tracking experience butter smooth.

The bottom line of Olx Tracking USA

It’s always a better idea to deal with a brand that not only delivers quality services to its users but cares about saving their extra efforts and time as well. With Olx shipping tracking, you can get benefitted from their latest listings relevant to your needs, as well as enjoy their better order tracking options to stay connected to your products until their arrival. 

The flexible and well-designed infrastructure of the departments allows them to integrate in a better way to entertain their customers very well. In case it misses out on something to guide you about the tracking procedure, feel free to visit the official website or you can also drop an email to let the company know about the issue you face.