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Overview One Container Tracking

ONE stands for Ocean Network Express. It is an integration of three shipping companies that were based in Japan. These three companies are: ‘K’ Line, MOL, and NYK. The merger took place on July 7, 2017, and Ocean Network Express came into existence.

The holding company was set up in Japan whereas, a business management company was set up in Singapore at the same time to facilitate people from different countries. In April 2018 regional headquarters were established in Hong Kong, Singapore, the UK, the USA, and Brazil where ONE also started providing its services. In this way, ONE was able to tap into multiple business service markets and provided shipping facilities to many customers.

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ONE covers a wide range of areas when it comes to providing their services therefore, they are known to have the 6th largest fleet in the world. Along with the merger of three companies and calling it an alliance, ONE continued to strengthen the services that they were providing to Asia, Latin America, and Africa regions. In future, ONE plan on expanding the number of ports they have in areas like Asia, North America, Europe, the Mediterranean Sea, and the Middle East.

As the name ‘ONE’ suggests, Ocean network express believes that their name is their purpose. They want to be able to stand against the world and face any challenges as ONE, discover and offer appropriate solutions to customers and their businesses. They believe in uniting different countries, states, and regions through the activities they offer.

ONE has multiple core values that make them successful in the shipping industry. They believe in breaking the conventional methods and breaking through the traditions. They make sure that their ideas are converted into reality as soon as it is possible. ONE is continuously on the lookout to improve themselves internally as well as externally so that they can deliver the best services to their customers. They aim at providing the best quality so that they are able to exceed the expectations of their customers. Furthermore, ONE believes that it is important for the entire team to work together to develop synergy and create new value for the customers.

ONE line tracking

When you book your parcel and confirm it to be shipped by ONE, they provide you with a booking number along with your receipt. There are multiple ways through which you can track your parcel. ONE tracking can be accessed via email that is you enter your booking number and email it to them on  [email protected].

one line tracking

They will then provide you with a detailed itinerary of your package which will include all the details regarding the order history and shipment of your parcel. Furthermore, you will be provided with an expected date and day of the delivery so that you are available at that time and do not worry about your parcel beforehand. ONE container tracking gives customers peace of mind that they can easily track their package and not worry about it being lost or delayed.

Contact Support

You can reach out to the team of ONE at the following address:


Ocean Network Express Pte. Ltd.  

7 Straits View,

#16-01 Marina One East Tower,

Singapore 018936