OOCL Container Tracking – Check Cargo Status

Do you want to know the current status of container ? Enter your tracking number in the dialogue box for OOCL Tracking.

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Overview of OOCL

OOCL has established itself as one of the largest companies in the world that provides transportation and logistics services. OOCL has a vast network to cater customers from all over the world and provide them transportation facilities throughout Asia, Europe, North and South America, Africa, and Australia.

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By providing quality services and continuous innovation to cater the ever changing demands and needs of customers, OOCL has set itself apart in the industry by being customer focused. In China OOCL is one of the leading international carrier services.

Moreover, OOCL also sets themselves apart in the industry by using information technology and e-commerce that not many transportations services use, thus a point of differentiation for OOCL. The use of technology makes it easy to manage the entire cargo process.

OOCL aims to become one of the leading and innovative internal carrier services that provides a link to world trade and create value for not only customers but also for their employees, shareholders, and partners.

OOCL Container Tracking

There are multiple e-services that OOCL provides to manage the cargo system and make it easy for their employees as well as their customers. One of the most important and useful e-service that OOCL provides is OOCL container Tracking.

oocl tracking

OOCL tracking system is a way for customers to get detailed information regarding their shipment so that they know where their package is and how is it being delivered. The tracking service keeps the customers in loop by providing multiple information to them.

OOCL cargo tracking provides a tentative time and date by which the shipment will reach at the destination. This makes it easy for recipient as it prevents them from the unnecessary wait and they can make required arrangements in the meantime.

Along with the tentative time and date of delivery, OOCL container Tracking also provides its customers with a detailed order history. The order history gives information regarding where in the delivery cycle is the package at that moment.

Moreover, it tells the time and date at which the shipment was booked, the shipment was with the carrier, the was in transit, or the shipment was delivered. This makes it easy for customers to keep a track of their shipment.

To avail the facilities mentioned above, all you need is either B/L #, Booking #, or Container #. By entering either of these in the text box under the ‘cargo tracking’ tab on their website you can get the tentative date and time of delivery along with the itinerary of your package.

Customer Service

When you click on the ‘contact us’ tab on the website of OOCL you will see a form that requires your personal details. Once you enter all your details and your query you are required to submit it. After that someone from the customer service team of OOCL will reach out to you.

Import Inquiries[email protected](1) 888 388-6625
Export Inquiries[email protected]
Reefer Inquiries[email protected]
Project and Cargo[email protected]

Being customer focused, OOCL is known for its customer service. Therefore, you should not worry about delayed response after filling the form with your message or query.