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Overview of Orange Connex

Orange Connex is a technology company that provides services in the global e-commerce industry. In the global e-commerce industry they provide services such as logistic, finance, and big data aspects of the industry. All the services mentioned above are possible through market analysis, resource integration, and system development.

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Orange Connex is a joint venture between CITI CPE, a private equity investment of China, and ebay, a pioneer when it comes to e-commerce platforms. This joint venture has supported the cause of Orange Connex with a lot of resources and years of experience within the e-commerce industry.

Orange Connex aims to redefine the experiences of its users through stability, speed, transparency, cost optimization, and sustainability. They believe they have the strong background and rich foundation to achieve these attributes thus, making them a market leader in the e-commerce industry as a technology company.

Orange Connex Tracking

The first and foremost thing a customer living in China looking forward to moving its merchandise out of the country sees is the tracking facility of the company they are choosing for their shipment.

Orange Connex provides the tracking facility to the customers for their ease. Orange Connex tracking details can be accessed under the ‘tracking’ tab on their website anytime in the day. This facility is available for customers 24/7 so that they can track their shipment whenever they want from wherever they are at that moment by just going through a few simple steps.

Orange Connex tracking number is either provided by the company or the seller right after you place your order with them. Up to 20 tracking numbers, each in one line, can be written in the tracking text box and a lot of information regarding your package can be accessed.

Orange Connex tracking provides its customers with an estimated delivery date and time. This makes it easy for customers as it prevents them from not worrying about their package. It also gives time to customers to make any necessary arrangements required to receive the package. Customers can also make themselves available at the estimated delivery time in order to check whether it is according to their liking or not.

orange connex tracking

Furthermore, Orange Connex tracking also provides its customers with a detailed order history. A location map is provided by the company for the customers to see where in the delivery cycle their package is right now. It also tells the date and time at which it went through multiple locations from warehouse to delivery.

Orange Connex tracking facility is a blessing for customers as it always keeps them at peace. Customers are aware that their package has not been lost nor it has been damage. In case of any delays, Orange Connex updates its customers beforehand so that they do not just keep waiting for it.

The entire tracking facility provides transparency to customers as nothing is hidden from them and they can access each and every detail regarding their parcel. It also gives customers a control over the entire delivery process. In case the tracking information has not been updated for over 48 hours then make sure you contact their customer service team and get a complain registered with them.

Orange Connex Customer Service

You can get in touch with Orange Connex’s customer service team using the following information to register a complain, get a query answered, or give a message to them:

Business hours: Monday-Saturday 9:00-18:00 (National Holidays not included.)

Tel:400 126 0008(China mainland)/ 852 30183458(HKSAR)

E-Mail:[email protected]