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Packlink is a very unique tool that gives customers a chance to compare and make their shipments at a very cost effective price. By comparing the shipment prices and quality, a customer gets to choose the type of quality services and price they want to pay for it.

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Pack link’s services are totally free of cost as you only pay for the shipment price to the carrier for whatever and wherever you are sending you package to. Pack link does not charge any additional costs to provide this service. Since they are not keeping an extra margin, you know that it is not a tool to scam you but instead to help you in making your shipment smooth.

All the market leaders in the shipment can be accessed for your online shipments via the platform of Pack link. This tool is accessible whenever and wherever you want, delivering packages from wherever you want to your doorstep thus, preventing you from all the hassle.

To choose the service according to your needs you have multiple choices such as express services and Standard, Economy, or Premium services. They all have different benefits that you can avail at different prices according to your liking.

The only place that has rates as low as 50% for national shipments and 70% for international shipments is Pack link. The entire purpose of this tool is to be pocket friendly while meeting all your needs.

Packlink’s tracking tool can be accessed through Packlink’s homepage. After going to that home page you click on the ‘tracking’ tab and enter your Packlink reference number. This reference number is provided to you at the time you are placing your shipment along with your receipt. You can then check your tracking status.

packlink tracking

Packlink tracking provides multiple information to customers regarding their package. They provide customers with a tentative date and time of delivery so that the customers can be available at the time of delivery and can ensure that the package they have received is right. It also makes it easy for customers to make any necessary arrangements required for the package delivery. The entire tracking facility is to prevent the customers from unnecessarily waiting for their package.

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Furthermore, Packlink tracking also provides its customers with a detailed order history. This order history makes it easy for customers to see where in the delivery cycle their package is currently. It also tells the date and time your package went through different locations from warehouse to transit to delivery.

Packlink tracking can be accessed from one day after your package is picked up from the warehouse. Another benefit of using Packlink tracking is that it can be accessed by both, the sender as well as the recipient, but it is mainly the responsibility of the customer to track the package and continuously check its progress. In case of any issues during the transit, seller can contact the customer support team of Packlink to give any required instructions to the carrier, before the parcel is sent back to the sender. In case, as a customer you face any issues and see that the tracking status has not been updated for over 48 hours then, you should immediately contact the team of Packlink.

By going to the ‘contact’ tab on the website of Packlink, you can decide the category you want to send your message for or ask a query. You can then enter your email address or talk to them via live chat.