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Overview of Pandora

Pandora is a manufacturer and seller of finest handmade jewelry that is made from high quality material at prices that are affordable for everyone. Their collection of jewelry is so versatile that it is sold in more than 40 countries.

The metal parts of the jewelry are created using the lost wax casting technique which is an ancient crafting technique still being used by Pandora. This process enables Pandora produce jewelry in a larger quantity making it economical as well as affordable for the customers. This technique is also the right fit for designs that are complex as well as minimalistic.

Pandora manufactures their jewelry in two of their facilities located in Thailand. Keeping the deteriorating environment in mind Pandora wants to make their products environment friendly therefore, they mostly use recycled silver and gold.

 The electricity they use at their facilities is 100% renewable. Furthermore, they also plan on becoming carbon neutral by the year 2025.


Pandora’s mission is to provide women all over the world with jewelry that is high in quality, hand-finished, modern, and genuine at prices that are affordable so that you do not have to think twice before making that purchase to up your style game.

They also aim to inspire women so that they can express their individuality through special pieces created by Pandora especially for them. Every woman has a special story to tell which makes them unique and makes them who they are, and Pandora wants to highlight such women’s experiences and amplify their voices with their statement jewelry.


Once you open Pandora’s website you will be able to see many tabs. These tabs include pandora me, charms & bracelets, jewelry, collections, gifts, and discover. Each of these tabs have categories that are further divided into subcategories and consist of a large variety of jewelry products that you can choose from no matter if you want to wear it on a party, wedding, or want to purchase it for everyday purposes.

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The pandora ME category consists of subcategories such as pandora ME jewelry and pandora ME styling accents which consist of different types of bracelets, necklaces, rings, earrings, etcetera. This category also includes a 15% off on products, it also consists of a detailed bracelets, necklace, and rings styling guide so that you do not get a wrong size while placing your order.

The charms & bracelets section consist of a wide range of collection of chain bracelets, leather bracelets, bangles, chains, clips, etcetera. The jewelry section has subcategories of rings, necklaces, earrings, and bracelets. These subcategories are further divided into different types, each of which consist of various types of products for different events and occasions.

The collections category consists of different collections and themes that Pandora has launched so far. These collections include all the collaborations Pandora did with Disney, Star Wars, and other independent collections they came out with. The themes section consists of jewelry for different themes such as animals and pets, love, nature and celestial, symbols and colors, and travel and national icons.

pandora tracking

If you are planning to gift someone on any occasion, then Pandora has a separate section of gifts for you to choose from for your loved ones. You can get a gift card, or you can get the jewelry of your choice delivered to them directly. The subcategory of popular gift consists of birthstones, zodiacs, friendship rings, and much more.

 You can also choose jewelry according to the type of recipient you are gifting it to whether it is your mom, friend, grandmother, daughter, or sister. You can also gift according to the occasion by choosing the perfect jewelry to gift according to the occasion you are gifting it on. It could be birthday, anniversary, bridal, graduation, Halloween, etcetera.


To get jewelry delivered to customers at the comfort of their home Pandora has an efficient and quick delivery system to facilitate their customers without them having to worry about it. Pandora delivers from Monday to Friday excluding public holidays.

If you place an order above $75 then you will be eligible for free delivery or else, for order below $75 they charge $7.95 for standard shipping. Through standard shipping you can get your product within 2 to 4 business days. If you need to get your accessories delivered to you early, then you can use express shipping and get it delivered to you within 2 business days excluding weekends.

Pandora tracking

Do you want to be sure when your jewelry will arrive so that you can wear it at a particular event that is coming up? If your answer to this question is yes, then you should know that you can track your order you placed with Pandora using your order number.

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Pandora will provide you with an order number through an email notification after your order has been shipped from their warehouse. You can then enter your Pandora tracking number on their ‘track my order’ page to know the date and time your order will be delivered to you or in case of a gift, you will get to know when the order will be delivered to the recipient.

Pandora order status

Pandora not only provides the details regarding the date and time of delivery but also provides the entire order history where you can check your order status and see where your package is at that moment. Using the same order number that you received after the package left the warehouse, you can see the order status and know whether your package is with the delivery service or in transit

You will also get to know the date and time of each step-in delivery cycle your order went through. Order status is a very important facility for customers as it keeps them at ease and gives them a peace of mind as they know where their package is without worrying about it. This entire process also gives them transparency and control over the delivery process.

Contact support

You can contact the team of Pandora by virtually chatting with them by going to the ‘contact us’ tab on their website or you can also call them on the following number and get all the details you want and get your queries answered:

Monday – Saturday|9 am to 6 pm EST