Parcelshop Track and Trace

One may track their shipment through its route, either you left it off at the Locker or parcel shop, the courier picked it up, tracking parcel is one easy step. You can trace a shipment that you will be returning in the similar manner how you can track any that you’re getting. For parcelshop return tracking, simply input the 16-character package tracking number. If you ‘re utilizing a Print In-Store tool for returning a package, write down the lengthy number beneath the generated label and put it in the space given.

They assign a 16-character parcelshop tracking number to every shipment that passes through their network, either you receive it from any loved ones or from a professional side. You’ll have to receive your package’s tracking code from the sender – shops will normally provide it to you through email along with other delivery details. If your carrier has attempted to deliver your package, they will issue a calling card with an 8-digit code. To receive an information on your monitored postage, type the number into the box.