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Overview of PBT

PBT focuses on teamwork as they believe it is one of the most important things in order to become New Zealand’s leading Express Freight Network. They provide several services in New Zealand that range from express courier packets and parcels to general freight pallets along with full truckload to containers that require movement across the ocean and air.

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PBT believes that the manpower and team they have can cover their unique network that is New Zealand from Kaitaia to Bluff by providing them the best level of services every day to meet the changing needs of customers.

PBT is one of the few freight companies that realizes the impact it might have in the environment due to emissions as it transports goods all the time. They have started decarbonizing their transport network to deliver goods with as little emission as possible.

PBT Tracking

For freight companies, their tracking is what defines them. Customers are eager to get their packages delivered and for that tracking is one of the most important things and the first and foremost thing they see while deciding the shipping company they want to use to get their shipment delivered.

PBT provides its customers with a tracking number when they book their order with them. This one tracking number consisting of several digits give a lot of information to customers regarding their products.

pbt tracking

Through PBT tracking you can get to know the tentative date and time your package will be delivered to the recipient. This information is very vital to the customers as it makes it easy for them to make prior arrangements required to receive the package. Customers can also be available at the time of arrival to personally overlook the delivery of shipment.

Moreover, PBT tracking also provides its customers with a detailed order history. This order history tells where in the delivery cycle, your package will eb at that particular moment. It tells the date and time at which your order was booked, date and time at which it was in the warehouse, date, and time at which it was shipped, and date and time at which it reached the recipient.

The entire tracking process is to facilitate customers as much as PBT can. It prevents customers from unnecessarily worrying about their package. It gives customers a heads up in case their delivery will be late so that they do not panic about it and can arrange some other alternative in case of emergency.

Moreover, PBT tracking provides transparency to customers as they have each information regarding their shipment that can be accessed using just a tracking number. It also gives customers a control over the entire delivery process due to the detailed information PBT tracking provides to its customers.

PBT Customer Service

PBT has a very friendly customer service team that caters the queries and messages of customers every time. They find it their utmost responsibility to always cater to their customers.

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