Peninsula Tracking – Check Trucking Status

To get started with your Peninsula Tracking of trucking, paste your tracking code in the tracker and you’re good to go. You’ll be able to see all the details of your shipment shortly. 

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About Peninsula

Peninsula truck lines started their operations back in 1951. The company started gaining success gradually and today it’s a big name when it comes to trucking. It is a company that deals with reliable deliveries and is on a mission to deliver the goods safe and sound to their destination. 

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The main focus of the company is the quality of service that it offers to the customers. It performs operations in over 950 cities throughout the Northwest. 

Services of the peninsula Truck lines

The services offered by the company are very flexible as per the users’ needs. They have guaranteed by noon and guaranteed by 9 AM services. They claim to deliver on time as per the customer’s need. 

For the customized delivery options, standard service charges are applied on each delivery. With an increased demand for their services, they have implemented a well-grounded technological system to cater to the needs of their customers well. 

Peninsula Tracking

From pickup to safe and sound deliveries, the whole process and transparent and efficiently working. You can track and trace your truckings easily. They have multiple options available to make a connection between the consignments and their owners. 

peninsula tracking

When you visit their website, you get all the information over there. You can see your transaction history, online invoices, shipment charges, order history and can manage your profile as well. 

The tools implemented on the website direct you towards your real-time freight status, payment records, and details about the delivery charges. 

Once you have set your freight for the delivery, you’ll receive a PRO number generated against your freight. That is the identity of your package. AT every step of the delivery process, that code is scanned to support peninsula freight tracking. 

According to the statistics, 98% of their shipment are delivered on or before time. To facilitate their customers further, they have introduced peninsula truck lines tracking. It’s the easiest and hassle-free method that you can opt for to stay connected to your freight until its reaches the destination. 

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To track and trace your freight, trucking, or consignments, you can use that PRO number. Insert it in the tracker to get connected to your packages. It will take only a few seconds for the system to present the real-time status of your package. 

You can also visit their official website for more updates and to get started with the tracking. You can easily reach out to their customer support representative if your tracking code doesn’t work. The company is very concerned about its customers, so have an active and well-trained staff deployed to assist you with your concerns. 

They have their live chat option available and you can drop an email to them as well. Your complaints will be responded to and resolved within a couple of days. 

Contact details

Phone: (253) 929-2000

Fax: (253) 929-2041