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Contact Details

You can contact Pretty Little thing on various social media like twitter, Facebook, and WhatsApp, where they are active round the clock. Their contact number is below:

+44 7776 592329

Overview of pretty little thing

Pretty little thing is a UK based fashion brand, mainly for people ranging between the ages of 16 to 35 years They believe that no matter what your budget is you should always have access to stylish clothes without worrying about money.

 You can trust them for everything from looks that are inspired by celebrities to everyday wear to glamorous party wear. It is a one stop shop for all your clothing and fashion needs.  They are a brand whose motive is to make fashion accessible for everyone no matter the age, race, religion, or body shape.

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Their purpose is to give confidence to their customers through their products so that they feel comfortable in their skin and have the courage to face all their critics with grace and poise.  


Pretty little thing’s mission is to not follow trends, but rather to create trends. They aim to make style accessible for everyone no matter their budget, size, shape, or race. To fulfill their mission, pretty little thing has a wide range of products from clothing to dresses to tops to shop by figure category for plus size, petite, tall women or women that need maternity clothes.


Once you open the website of pretty little things, you can access a wide range of products that they have got to offer to their customers. They have various categories that includes clothing, Molly-Mae, shop by figure, dresses, tops, shoes, accessories, home, and beauty.

pretty little thing tracking

The categories on their website are further divided into subcategories. The clothing category consists of all products like active wear, denim, jeans, night wear, and more. Coming to the Molly-Mae category which is a collaboration of pretty little things with Molly-Mae, it consists of blazers, co-ords, dresses, jeans, skirts, swimwear, tops, and flared trousers. This category also includes different types of accessories, shoes, and beauty products that Molly-Mae came up with.

The next category is shop by figure which makes pretty little things one of the most inclusive brands when it comes to clothing. In this category Pretty little thing’s entire clothing line including their activewear, dresses, tops, denim, jeans, etcetera are available for women with different body shapes, be it tall or petite.

 It also consists of maternity clothes for women. Unlike other fashion retailers, pretty little things are actively striving to bring a change withing the fashion industry.  The dresses and tops category include clothes for different occasions and types so that you do not have to go around and look for clothes to wear to that birthday party in different shops.

 You can just go to pretty little thing’s website and check their entire range of clothes and get an attire for yourself that looks dazzling.  The accessories category consists of everything whether its jewelry, bags and purses, belts, sunglasses, hair clips, scrunchies or hat, scarves, gloves for autumn.

 In the home section you can access bedding, cushions, table wear, candles, or other home décor stuff. You can also shop products by room so you can access all products room wise instead of looking for them separately.  The beauty section consists of skin care, all types of makeup, and brands like wet n wild, NYX, Doll beauty, lime crime, and many that can all be purchased within one website.

Pretty Little thing Shipping

In order to accommodate their customers in all possible ways, pretty little things have a lot of shipping packages for you to choose from that range from £2.99 to £9.99. Some packages include next day delivery whereas, in some you can get to choose the delivery date and time.

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Due to Covid-19, pretty little things have come up with contact less delivery keeping in mind the safety of their customers. With the contact less Pretty Little Things Shipping system, your order will be delivered to you without any contact with the delivery person and all necessary precautions will be taken care of as well.

Pretty little thing tracking

Remember that dress you wanted to wear at that friend’s wedding that your ordered from pretty little things? To get to know when you will receive that dress so that you can wear it in time you can track your order using Pretty Little Things track order feature, which provides an order number. Use the order number to track your order and check the date and time that you will receive it on.

Pretty little things order status

Along with tracking your order, you can also use your order number to check your order status. The order status will give you details regarding the step of delivery cycle your order is in at that time. It will give you all the details whether the order is in the warehouse, has been dispatched, or in transit on its way to you.

With the order status facility, you can get complete transparency over the entire delivery process and can monitor your package at every step of delivery.

Contact support

Pretty little things have a virtual chat option where you can contact their team for queries regarding your order. You can also contact them on various social media like twitter, Facebook, and WhatsApp. Their contact number is below:

+44 7776 592329