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Overview of PSS

One of the most personal shipping services in the United Kingdom is PSS International Removals. They take only international and removals and shipping therefore, they focus more on high-quality service for families and ex-pats moving abroad.

PSS International removers really value its customers and to give the customers that value they train their mover and packers in international removals and shipping. In this way, a lot of error margin is reduced, and customers have little to no complaints about the services provided by PSS.

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For you to focus on your new life after the international move PSS International Removals take care of everything to prevent you from all the hassle and stress that might come along with it. Within a few minutes, you can get an online quotation from their website. After that, you can take help from the account manager in terms of tailoring your requirements according to your needs.

Then the export packaging team is responsible to take care of your package and its delivery abroad. Finally, the agents at the arrival point make sure that your package is received properly and safely. They also handle all the customs clearance and deliver the package to your door.

PSS shipping

PSS shipping is considered the best for shipping furniture overseas from the United Kingdom. With the help of their trained consultants and experience over the years, shipping overseas is not a big deal for them and they prevent you from all the hassle.

pss tracking

Through their shipping services, you can get anything moved abroad, it could be your household goods, backyard or garden furniture, office furniture, and much more.  The parcel can either be shipped via sea or air. If you choose sea freight, it will be a reliable and cheap baggage expense even though, it will be slow and will take a lot of time to reach.

In air freight, there are two categories: standard air freight and express air freight. It is expensive to send luggage via air freight but with standard air freight, you can get your luggage in a few days whereas, using express air freight will get your luggage delivered at the fastest time possible. This is how PSS shipping works to provide you with nothing but the best.

PSS Tracking

Are you planning to move abroad from the United Kingdom and are getting your package delivered from PSS International Removals? If you answered yes to the previous question, you should know that the PSS tracking system provides its customers with a tracking ID on the receipt you might have received at the time of checkout.

Using that tracking ID you can access the order details, order history, order status and track your luggage easily. It will give you the details regarding the description of products, payment address, and other details. It will also tell you the estimated date and time by which your luggage will be shipped and delivered to you.

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Through PSS tracking, you can also see where in the delivery cycle is your package. It can be at the step of being prepared, being shipped, in transit, or on its way to be delivered to you.  The entire tracking system is helpful as it prevents you from waiting for prolonged periods and staying at peace without worrying about your luggage.

Contact Support

You can contact the team of PSS by writing your personal details and your message on their website under the ‘contact us’ tab. You can also contact them on the following numbers, email, and address:

Customer Hotline

0800 988 3711

Head Office

020 8686 7733


[email protected]

Office Opening Hours

Monday to Friday: 9am-5pm

Head Office Address:

PSS International Removals
Unit 6, Mill Lane Trading Estate,
Mill Lane,