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About Pura Vida

Lately, hand accessories have gained a lot of hype. They are one of the trendiest accessories and are available in a wide range of variety. One such great brand that promotes hand accessories, particularly bracelets is Pura Vida. This is a brand started by two young boys who were so amused by the laidback lifestyle of the people of Costa Rica that they decided to use that lifestyle as an inspiration to wear cute and trendy bracelets. The term Pura vida itself translates to the simple things in life, which these bracelets were trying to implement.

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What makes Pura Vida stand out is their motivation to always create better designs, with unique combinations and colors that no one had ever thought of. Furthermore, Pura Vida promises to deliver positivity and dedication through their bracelets, which can also be seen by the great handcrafted work on the bracelets.

Pura vida tracking

When pura vida started, it was just a small name at your corner shop. However, with them running out of bracelets so fast and selling out within minutes, the owners of Pura vida realized their bracelets were more than just things. This is when global market came into being and Pura Vida became accessible to people all over the world. However, one should not forget that with such a huge clientele, delivery is always an issue. Many clients are worried about their package status. this is when tracking comes into the picture. But the question is: how to track pura vida order?

pura vida tracking

You can place an order for any bracelet on the pura vida website and then track it. In order to access the tracking link, simply open the pura vida website and open the tracking tab. Once done, there are two ways to track your order. Initially, you can track through your order number. You will be required to enter the order number as well as your email or phone and press track to get the tracking details. Another way to track is through the tracking number which you will be required to enter. It is completely your choice to track however you find most convenient.

By providing users an option to choose from and giving them so much variety not only in bracelets but also in the tracking methods, pura vida becomes the go to store for any hand accessory.

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