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Roadrunner Transportation Services

Roadrunner Freight is well known in the United States of America for its high-quality services. They provide scalable LTL (less than load) services to shippers across major states in the United States of America.

Their LTL services depend on over 900 independent contractors that deliver freight anywhere in the United States of America. They have around 21 service centers, strategic rail partnerships, and over 100+ partners to facilitate delivery and pickup. Due to their large network, they are able to facilitate and transport products throughout the major cities of USA. You can also use the roadrunner login for checking all the services of them

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Their mission is to ‘Ship it like you own it’. This mission statement sets up a culture within Roadrunner to treat each and every shipment like it is their own. This means they need to consider it as precious. They take accountability and ownership of the entire shipping process so that the customers can easily rely on their services.

Roadrunner’s team has professionals from all different sectors and professional backgrounds ranging from manufacturing to healthcare to transportation and beyond that. The combined experience of the entire team of Roadrunner is above 100 years. They are very much dedicated towards customer satisfaction and up to the mark driver experience.

Roadrunner believes that the business needs of their customers are unique therefore, they provide unique services to cater the needs of their customers. To support unique businesses and offer nationwide LTL services, Roadrunner created a unique network. Their network includes direct loading and nightly shuttles due to which they can offer competitive transit times and keeps the freight moving till it reaches its destination.

They deliver freight of all shapes and sizes through their expansive network. No matter where the shipment is going whether it is to another country, regional interstate lanes, or next day delivery within the metros Roadrunner makes sure that it fulfills its commitment of delivering the shipment on time, intact, and without any damages.

Roadrunner tracking

Roadrunner provides tracking information to its customers through various platforms. They provide through EDI, API, in their customer portal on their website, SMS, or email. The customer portal can be accessed under their tracking page. Customer can enter their 9-digit PRO or tracking number which they received at the time of booking their order to check their Roadrunner tracking.

roadrunner tracking

Roadrunner tracking provides detailed information of the order. This includes the date and time the order will reach to the recipient. It also includes order history that is information about the timings at which the package was in different phases of the delivery cycle. Not only that, but through Roadrunner tracking number you can also see real time images of your package being delivered to stay at peace and not worry about your package.

Moreover, customers can also sign up for email or text messages in the tracking portal and sign up to receive all the notifications regarding their shipment. In this way you will not be required to enter your tracking number every time at the customer portal instead, you will receive notifications on your email every time there is a new update in the shipment.

Customer Support

You can contact the team of Roadrunner through their contact form under the ‘contact us’ tab on their website or on the following number and address of their headquarters:

1431 Opus Place Ste 530
Downers Grove, IL 60515

(414) 615-1500