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Overview of Romwe

Romwe is a one stop shop for all the fashion related products that you might need. It has women’s and men’s apparel, accessories that in trend these days, gadgets, and home décor to lighten up your home.

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Romwe started by launching its website in 2011. It later launched in France, then Spain, Germany, Dubai, and USA in the last in the year 2017. To cater different types of customers, Romwe launched its plus size category. This also makes the brand inclusive as it caters to people wit different race, ethnicities, body sizes, complexion, etcetera.

To cater a larger audience and make Romwe one whole experience, Romwe also introduced its home and living categories where they provide different accessories to make your home lively and beautiful.

Moreover, Romwe wants to ensure that they provide the element of fun to their customers therefore, they collaborated with many fun characters that people watch on their daily basis. These collaborations were with The Powerpuff Girls, SpongeBob SquarePants, and the emojis drop. These collaborations contribute to Romwe’s slogan that is Be Fun, Be Unique, Be Romwe.

Romwe tracking

Have you ordered a dress or piece of accessory that you can not wait to adorn at a party coming up? If your answer to this question is yes, then you might want to prevent yourself from unnecessarily waiting for your order. To cater to this need of customers, Romwe has introduced a tracking facility that provides customers with a variety of information regarding their order.

romwe tracking

To track your order, you need to log into Romwe account and then go to the ‘my orders’ tab accessible under the ‘my account’ tab on Romwe’s website. By clicking on ‘view details’ you will be able to see multiple details regarding your order such as order history and order status. By clicking on ‘track’ you can get to know the logistic information regarding your order that has been shipped.

Through Romwe tracking you can get to know the tentative date and time at which your order will be delivered to you. It will also inform you beforehand in case you order will be late so that you can make any alternate arrangements.

Romwe tracking also provides customers with a detailed order history through which customers can get to know the current location of their package. Customers can see the time at which their order was placed, date and time at which the order was in the warehouse, date and time at which it left the warehouse and was with the carrier, date and time at which it was in transit, and date and time at which it was delivered to the recipient.

Romwe tracking makes it easy for customers and puts them in peace preventing them from the worry about their package. It also provides customers transparency along with control over the entire delivery process in such a way that they are aware of each and every step in the delivery process.

Romwe customer service

You can contact the Romwe customer service by going to the ‘contact us’ tab on their website. They have a live chat option through which you can get your messages delivered or your queries answered.