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Overview of Russian Post

Russian Post which is also known as Pochta Rossii is a postal service specifically for Russia. It is the most used service used by the locals for their postal services. It has recently introduced a delivery system that provides the locals with an option to get their parcels delivered anywhere in the world.

Russian post was introduced in the country back in the 10th century. In 16th century, the Russian post was serving almost 1600 locations between Russia and Western Europe. Russia to Poland’s delivery service is one of the earliest routes set up in the 1650.

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Initially the Russian post was subsidized by the government. Eventually it became a self-sustaining business in the postal service industry. The entire reason of it was to make the infrastructure and efficiency of the entire service better than it was before.

In 2016, Russian Post divided itself into eight regional sections so that the workload can be distributed amongst them all. It also launched its own website. All these factors further improved the quality of service provided by the company. It also ensured timely services.

To ensure the deliveries are made on time, not only domestically but also internationally, Russian Post has come up with several options for delivery through which they ensure timely delivery on both the extreme ends of Russia that land in Asia and Europe. They have improved its focus towards deserted areas as well to cater the customers in those areas.

Russian Post Tracking

The main reason why customers trust a shipping company is because of their tracking facility. To increase their customer base and make it stronger, Russian Postal Tracking started its tracking facility through which customers can access multiple information regarding their parcels.

You can track your Russian Post order by going to the ‘tracking’ tab on their website. You will then be required to enter your tracking number which would have been provided to you at the time of booking your parcel along with your receipt.

russian post tracking

It is recommended to use end-to-end tracking facility. This is because through this facility you will still be able to track your order if Russian Post hands over your parcel to a third party courier service.

Through Russian Post Office Tracking, you can get a wide range of information regarding your product. You can get to know the tentative date and time by which your package will be delivered to you/the recipient. This makes it easy for the recipient to available at that time and make any necessary arrangements required in order to receive the parcel.

Moreover, you also get to know the order status. This means you will know the current location of your package. You will also get to know the date and time at which your package was at different locations. This prevents you from the unnecessary wait. Furthermore, you also get informed beforehand in case your parcel is running late.

The tracking facility provides transparency to customers as nothing is hidden from them. It also gives customers a control over the entire delivery process as they are aware of each and everything regarding their parcel.

Customer Service

You can get in touch with the customer service team using the following Russian post number. Their team will get back to you with your query in a short time.

+7 (495) 956-20-67