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If you want to know more details about your order, we have a solution. Simply enter the Schenker tracking number above to find out.

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Overview of Schenker

Schenker has been in the industry serving customers globally since over 150 years. It provides supply chain as well as logistical solutions to customers locally as well as internationally. With such a vast experience, Schenker is able to provide support to the logistical industry and is able to trade goods globally.

It makes sure that goods flow seamlessly from the person who places the order to the recipient. Moreover, Schenker does business in multiple industries such as technology, automotive, logistics, transportation, consumer goods, supply chain, etcetera.

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To take care of the vast customer base that Schenker has, it operates from around 2100 locations all over the world thus, serving customers from different countries. It has around 74,500 employees working at different locations of Schenker all over the world.

The company has established itself as a leader in Europe for land transportation. Their business units are built in a way that they connect multiple locations in Europe (almost 40 countries in Europe) to serve the expanding customer base.

Along with land transportation, Schenker tracking international also provides customers with air and ocean freight mainly used for international transportation. It also deals with contract logistics where it provides logistical solutions to multiple industries and for trade purposes.

Schenker Tracking

After looking at the quality of services along with timeliness of deliver, customers tend to look at the tracking services of the said company. It is because tracking services enable a customer to have control over the delivery service as they are aware of each and every step in the delivery process. Moreover, customers also have transparency through tracking services as nothing is hidden from them.

schenker tracking

The tracking facility of Schenker ocean tracking can be availed by going to the ‘track’ tab on their website. You will be required to enter certain details regarding your order along with tracking number. Tracking number can be obtained at the time of delivery. It is written on your receipt along with billing and shipping details.

Through Schenker cargo tracking facility, you can get to know the tentative date and time of delivery. This prevents customers from all the unnecessary wait they might have to go through otherwise. It also makes it easy for the recipient to be available at the time of delivery.

Moreover, Schenker shipment tracking facility also gives information like the order status where customers can see a detailed itinerary of their order. This includes the date and time at which their order was at different locations from warehouse to transit to delivery. It also tells the current location of your parcel.

Furthermore, customers are informed beforehand in case their parcel is running late which prevents them from the fear of their parcel going missing. Customers can also make any alternate arrangements in case of emergency.

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Customer Service

The team that is behind all the loyal customer base is the Schenker’s customer service team. They have been working to get back to the queries of customers and facilitate them in every way possible. You can use the following number to get quotes of your order, track your shipment, or get your queries answered:

Monday-Friday: 8:00am – 5:00 pm (MDT)