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Do you wish to know more details about your order from SEUR? Enter the SEUR Tracking Number in the dialogue box to get information.

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About SEUR

In today’s times, transportation companies are the need of the hour. Whether they deliver small packages or deal with huge shipments, the market for such businesses is huge. One such business that promises to deliver urgent transportation is SEUR, which is now working after 75 years of experience in this field.

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With that much experience, it is the leading company in Spain with three main businesses including those of international, ecommerce and even B2B businesses. What makes SEUR truly stand out though is its promise to being consistent and to continually innovating to serve better to its customers.

To improve their services, they have brought out systems like Now or Predict, which further make the whole delivery process much more simplistic and user-friendly. With their goals being to being proactive, friendly, and serving people and not just their orders, SEUR aims to be the best parcel shipment company with the user experience being simple and convenient. Now you can also know your shipment status with SEUR Tracking.

SEUR Tracking International

When dealing with shipping parcels, one needs to make sure that the users are well aware about when the orders will reach their doorsteps. Alongside this, the consumer often also needs to know the order status and for details like these, one needs to track their order. This is exactly why SEUR too offers tracking services which are extremely convenient for users and is greatly helpful to them.

seur tracking

In order to track your order through SEUR, you can simply access the ‘track your shipment’ tab on the SEUR website. Once you open the tab, you will be asked to enter the shipment number, which will be provided to you at the time you place the shipment order. Once you enter the number, your order can be traced instantaneously making the whole process much easier.

Furthermore, it is important to remember that in holiday season, the volume of deliveries varies greatly thus also affecting the delivery and pickup transit time, which is also why advancing the orders is highly encouraged. With SEUR tracking international, you will be able to access your shipments across the world as well as those shipments made nationally, especially ones within Spain, Canary Islands and Melilla.

SEUR Contacto

Contact SEUR at Consumer Service 800 00 95 84 or at 902 10 10 10, where we will give you suggestions on what to do and what documentation is to be provided.