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SFC (Send from China)

SFC is a renowned Chinese transportation company that provides B2C E-Commerce businesses with a complete import and export shipping service with China Fulfillment Services. SFC serves more than 60,000 customers in China’s southern and eastern regions, with a daily volume of shipping of 300,000 pieces sent from China to worldwide clients.

SFC was founded in 2007. They began as a shipment agent, assisting both domestic and international enterprises in transporting products out of China at reduced costs. SFC is a global logistics company specializing in cross-border e-commerce. They “Deliver from China,” as their name implies! They quickly expanded their company to include warehouse and order fulfillment services.

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SFC began expanding their China-importing operations as well. They have fulfillment centers in China (Dongguan, Shenzhen and Hong Kong), Germany, and the United States thus far. SFC is the very first e-commerce cross-border logistics firm to be listed on China’s National Economic and Exchange Commission (NEEQ) (430754). Their knowledge and prospective services might be extremely beneficial to your company.

In the Cities of Dongguan and Shenzhen, they have approximately 200,000 square meters of warehouse space. The products are kept in a very orderly manner. They help to facilitate handling by making optimum use of warehouse stacking space.

High-priced things are housed in a separate location. Their warehouse also has fire protection system and is monitored 24 hours a day. They also have restricted accessibility to ensure that your products are safe.

Every day, they process over 200,000 orders, having a capacity of 500,000 in peak season. The turnaround period is quite short. Orders placed between 10:00 and 24:00 are usually ready for pickup by the courier within 24 hours. They use a 1st come 1st system in pick-and-pack, ensuring that your consumers receive their products in perfect condition.

For additional protection from damage while international shipping, they provide free void filler materials. Every step along the way, they leverage barcodes. To guarantee that shipping rates are accurate, packages are immediately weighed. Indeed, technology is critical to lowering costs, increasing efficiency, and eliminating human error.

SFC Tracking

It should come as no surprise that, because SFC caters to people’s supply chain demands, tracking is an important element of their process. This is for a variety of reasons, the most important of which is that tracking guarantees that people are informed of when they will receive their products, avoiding any confusion or last-minute complications.

sfc tracking

In addition, tracking informs customers on the status of their orders as well as the necessary shipment information, making the entire process easier. SFC tracking package is very simple process. The SFC tracking number is conveyed, text messaging, and smartphone app alerts. Clients will get a tracking number after they have completed all of the necessary payment steps. The SFC tracking number is a mix of numeric as well as alphabetic characters with over 10 digits.

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SFC Service Contact Number

+86 400-881-8106.

(305) 716-6870.

 Email: [email protected].