Shiprocket Track and Trace

Customers may get a lot of information about their packages by using shiprocket tracking. Customers are given a tentative arrival timeframe so that they too can be there at the moment of arrival and check that the product they are acquiring is correct. This also helps make it simple for clients to make appropriate parcel delivery plans. The whole tracking system is designed to save consumers from waiting for the packages needlessly.

Shiprocket realize how critical it is to keep track of your deliveries, especially if you’re shipping internationally. You can trace your shipments using ShipRocket. To monitor your orders, navigate to “Shipment” page on the left side and “Tracking” Sub Section. You may track the progress of all of the shipping orders from this page. Tap on the shop id and afterwards tracking with in Track sub tab to follow a specific purchase.

The Non-Delivered Purchases page displays all non-delivered items as well as the explanations for delivery error. Including the comments, you must react to the elevated NDR with “Projects to be completed” or maybe “Return to Origin.” All shipments which are being returned to the carrier are displayed in the RTO section. Multi packet tracking can be done by making use of Master AWB OR shiprocket tracking number.