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Overview of Sinotrans

Sino trans Limited also known as Sino trans has been in the market serving its customers since 20 November 2002. Due to its outstanding performance, it also got listed in the Hong Kong Stock Exchange in 2003. Sintrans aims to bring about a world class business platform that also has intelligent logistic services.

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A list released in 2020 by Armstrong & Associates, Inc ranked Sinotrans as seventh in the third party logistics and third in the freight forwarding services. It is considered huge for a company to get such rankings thus, making Sino trans a market leader in the industry.

The three main business segments of Sinotrans are agency and related business, supply chain logistics and e-business. They can provide one-stop services along with end to end supply chain solutions to its clients.

Sinotrans aims to connecting the world and creating ecology by transporting everything possible to fulfill the ever changing and growing needs and demands of customers. They also aim that through logistics success they can promote the progress of the industry.

Sinotrans tracking

Customers are not only looking for a company that provides all or most services such as rail freight, air freight, sea freight, etcetera, but they also look at the after service facilities that a company provides such as tracking facility.

sinotrans tracking

Sinotrans tracking facility can be availed by typing the tracking number in the text box under the ‘track’ tab on their website. The tracking number can be obtained by the customer on the receipt that they received at the time of placing their order with the shipment company.

Sinotrans tracking provides a whole lot of information to their customers regarding the delivery process to keep them at ease and prevent them from unnecessarily worrying about it. One of the information that Sinotrans provides is the estimated date and time of delivery. It makes it feasible for customers as they can make any necessary arrangements beforehand.

Moreover, Sinotrans tracking also provides customers with a detailed order history which tells where in the delivery cycle your shipment is at that particular point in time. It also tells the date and time at which your package went through multiple stages in the delivery cycle from warehouse to the recipient. By knowing the order history, customers have complete transparency as nothing about the delivery process and locations are hidden from them.

Customers also have full control over the entire delivery process due to the frequent updates they get regarding their package. Another perk of Sinotrans tracking is that customers get to know beforehand in case their delivery will be late, and the shipment will not reach them on time due to some reason. By knowing this information customers will not panic as they would know that their delivery will reach them late. They can also make any necessary arrangements/ alternative in case of urgency.

Sinotrans Customer Service

If you have a message that you want to send to the team of Sinotrans or f you have nay query before or after placing your order with Sinotrans then you can use the following information to reach out to their team. Their team is very responsive and will make sure to get back to you as soon as it is possible.

Building 10/Sinotrans Tower B, No.5 Anding Road, Chaoyang District, Beijing, China

Post Code: 100029


Fax:(86)10-52296600,52296655 E-mail:[email protected]