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Know about your parcel status by inserting Smart Label Tracking Number and we will tell you current status through smart label tracking.

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Smart Label

The Trading Partner Alliance developed Smart Label (TPA). The TPA’s mission is to create a unified retailer-manufacturer goal on supply chain management, information technologies, environmentally responsible business practices, and other consumer-focused problems.

Smart Label satisfies the growing need for more information on foods, drinks, household, and self-care items among consumers.

Smart Label provides even more information than what is shown on the product label.

It contains information about the product’s nutritional value, ingredients, allergies, third-party certification, social compliance programs, usage instructions, warnings & safe handling directions, company or brand information, and other relevant details.

Each Smart Label product has its own landing page with full details on ingredients as well as other product characteristics, and the landing pages generally are structured in a uniform format and look across brands and items.

Smart Label is simple to use. To begin, remove Smart Label off your Order Summary or copy one from the internet. Second, remove the return form from your Order Summary, fill it out, and include it with the returned product.

Securely close the packaging. Finally, stick the Smart Label on your box. The original shipping label should be covered or removed. Finally, put your parcel in the United States mail, either at work or at home, in a mailbox, or even at the Post Office.

There’s no need to queue for shipment because the cost of return shipment will be subtracted from your credit refund. For further details, please see the Order Summary that came with the product.

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Smart Label Services

Smart Label provides quick and simple access to extensive information on hundreds of foods, beverages, personal care, home, and pet care goods. This product information is available in a variety of formats, including smartphone, pc, and telephone.

It provides you with the information you want to see at the time you want it. Using GPS and QR codes with technological devices like smart phones, Market Label Tracking enables local precise outdoor asset location.

QR Code vinyl labels are designed to work on a variety of surfaces and temperatures. The process begins with the assignment of an ID number in the Micro portal database, followed by the application of a QR vinyl code label on the desired object.

Smart Label Tracking

Smart Label’s online tracking program will provide you with information such as the current position, source, location, shipping & delivery date, and any delays about your package. All you have to do is enter your smart label tracking number into the website and you’ll be able to monitor your smart label courier. Smart Label is supported on both an international and domestic level. You can  enter several tracking numbers in the box provided and tap the ‘Track’ option to track them. (Use a comma to separate the tracking numbers).

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Smart Label Return

Smart Label has a pre-addressed, pre-paid return label that customers can see on their Order Summary and use to return items to shops without having to go out to the post office. There is no need to pay anything up ahead; the shop will subtract the Smart Label return cost from the purchase credit immediately. Apply the Smart Label to your parcel and send it back through the postal system.

Contact Details

Smart Label Customer Support Contact Telephone Number: +1 877.860.5997 Fax Number: +1 512.225.6001

Hotline Phone number: +1 877.860.5997 FAX Number: +1 512.225.6001