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What is Sprint?

Shopping in-stores physically is now a thing of the past. People now prefer to get things delivered on their doorsteps without going through any hassle. To make that possible and bring ease to people Sprint came up with the concept of online shopping. You can now purchase products with just a few clicks and get them delivered to you.

Along with the feasibility of getting things delivered to you, you can also get discount coupons and vouchers that will make your shopping experience affordable as well making you grab a few more things under your budget. Once you get the hang of online shopping, you can save money as well as the hassle of going to the store for your purchases.

Sprint is a telecommunications company based in the United States of America. It is the fourth largest mobile network operator in the USA. They offer various services like wireless voice, messaging, as well as broad band services. Not only that, but you can also purchase mobile phones from their online website.

Sprint’s Mission

Sprint aims towards the betterment of people. They believe that mobile connectivity is very powerful when it comes towards progressing in this world. They want customers to enjoy, make connections, and always strive for more.

Their mission is centered towards the betterment of their customers. As the world becomes more and more dependent towards telecommunication services, Sprint wants to provide the best mobile connectivity services to its customers.

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They also aim to become a world class company by developing a supplier base that is the best in the entire world and reflect the types of communities Sprint serves.

How good is Sprint?

Sprint provides a coverage nationwide and the connections last for longer periods along with being reliable. He coverage provided by Sprint is so strong that you should not have any complains unless you go away from populated metropolitan areas then you might face some connectivity issues. But if you are someone who lives in a city, then you should not worry about it.

When it comes to data speed provided by Sprint, they offer one of the best download speeds in the United States of America. You can stream all sorts of videos, play music, and play online games no matter how much data speed is required.

Sprint Delivery

Sprint.com has a very quick and efficient delivery system to facilitate their customers. If you order before 1:00 pm EST, you will get your order delivered to you the next business day. Although, because of Covid-19 there might be some delays in delivery, keeping in mind the safety of the delivery riders as well as customers.

By choosing the Free 2-day shipping option, if you place your order by 1:00 pm EST, you will get your order delivered to you in two business days. If you choose standard shipping and place your order by 1:00 pm EST, you will receive your order within 3 to 5 business days.

sprint tracking order

 This excludes all the holidays as well as weekends. With the overnight shipping option, you can place your order by 1:00 pm EST from Monday to Friday and get it delivered to you the very next day.

Sprint Tracking Order

24 hours after you have placed your order with sprint.com, you will receive an order confirmation email that will consist of your billing details along with an order number. Using the order number provided in the mail you can track your order and get to know the date and time at which your order will be delivered to you.

With Sprint’s tracking facility, you do not have to worry when your package will arrive, nor do you have to wait for it. Just with one tap you can check the delivery date and keep yourself available at that time to receive your order.

Sprint UPS tracking

After your order has been placed with sprint.com, a UPS tracking label is created for you to track your order with UPS. By going to the UPS website, you can enter your order number that you received via your email and get to track your order on sprint.com track my order tab.

Sprint.com order status

After 24 hours of placing your order, you can also use the order number provided to you on the email to check your order status. Simply insert that order number on their website and you will get to know the entire order history. You will also be updated by the current location of your order.

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Through the order status facility, Sprint gives you the control of the entire delivery process and gives you transparency as you get the know where in delivery cycle your package is. You will know whether it is within the Sprint’s facility, with the delivery service, or in transit on its way to you. You will also get to know the date and time at which the order left the warehouse or was with the delivery rider, that is the entire order history will be available to you.

Contact Support

There are many ways by which you can reach out to Sprint’s team and get your queries answered. On their website, under the contact us tab, Sprint.com has a virtual chat option where you can chat with their representative and ask whatever questions you have. They are very responsive, and you will get an immediate response from them so, you do not even have to worry for delayed responses. You can also call them or write a postal email to them on the following number and address:


Call to order


Postal mail

While writing the postal email make sure that you include your name, telephone number, as well as your contact number so that their team can reach out to you easily.

6391 Sprint Parkway
Overland Park KS 66251-4300

This address is not for device returns or exchanges, it is only for you to reach out to Sprint’s representatives and get help with your questions and problems if you have any.