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Overview of Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka Post was founded in 1798 by the Dutch rulers in the state’s Maritime Provinces, with five branches. It has now developed into a massive corporation with over 19,000 people. Sri Lanka Post serves the country’s population of almost 20 million people. Throughout its existence, Sri Lanka Post, under many names, continued to provide dedicated service to the people.

There was a Post Office for every 2,400 inhabitants in this nation in the year 2,004. In practically speaking, this meant that there would be an outpost for every 14 kilometers. Today, the majority of offices are outfitted with cutting-edge technology to ensure that consumers receive prompt service. They include an array of options via their 4,692 branches.

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Sri Lanka Post, a member of the Universal Postal Union, has gained public trust and is equipped with an island-wide network that allows it to compete in a technology-based market. Using rapidly increasing infrastructural assets to improve the quality and efficacy of services supplied.

Their mission is to deliver a highly creative, efficient, and dependable postal service to maximize customer satisfaction by employing motivated people and current technology in a pleasant work atmosphere while complying to the Universal Postal Union’s standards and following the Government of Sri Lanka’s rules.

Moreover, it provides courier for mail products, mail services, philatelic products, money transfer services, Bank services, insurance services, social and obligatory services, utility payment services, examination services, booking services and postal facilities.

Sri Lanka Post Office Tracking

Their online tracking system makes it extremely simple for you to find out the status of your Sri Lankan mail. The only thing you’ll need is the Sri Lanka Post tracking number. Insert your Sri Lanka Post tracking number in the box on their website and click the track button to quickly monitor and locate your shipment status. You will be provided with information such as the current position, source, destination, shipping and delivery dates, as well as any delays.

sri lanka post tracking

By using Sri Lanka Post office EMS tracking and digital monitoring system, you may track and locate your Post, EMS (Express Mail Service), Parcel, Package, Packet, and Shipment delivery status information  at any time, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

EMS, which is a postal express service for papers and commodities, will be the fastest postal service via physical methods whenever feasible. The majority of countries have access to this service. Every day, more destination nations are added.

Sri Lanka local post tracking or Sri Lanka post international mail tracking, both can be located by, entering the tracking number and click Track! Button on their website. provide real-time details of your Sri Lanka Post package.

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Customer Service

The function of Sri Lanka is Motivating employees through a systematic promotion and transfer structure in order to provide high-quality and efficient customer service, creating a workable and transparent technology-based audit and investigative system that all parties can agree on and creating regulations that ensure a monopoly in letter delivery and provide a competitive advantage through efficient acceptance, transportation, and distribution of postal commodities.