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To track and trace your sun delivery package, enter the tracking code in the tracker for Sun Delivery Tracking. You’ll get all the details related to your parcels, consignment, or shipment within a few seconds. 

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About Sun Delivery

Sun Delivery LLC is a Canadian-based white glove delivery service.  The company is focused to offer quality courier services raising the standards of the industry. They have a well-trained staff that is focused to deliver your packages safe and sound. 

Furthermore, they are experts in providing excellent in-home furniture delivery facilities. When choosing Sun Delivery, you can rest assured knowing that you’re dealing with the best white glove delivery option available out there. 

Shipment Rates

To know about the rates of shipment, you can visit their official website. There you have to put the information regarding your products to be shipped. The company’s estimator will display the estimated amount of shipment over there. 

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The details include the customer’s full name, ZIP code, delivery address, and some other required data that can be used to generate an estimation rate. After you submit the rates quotation, you’ll hear back from them within the next 24 hours. 

The rates may vary depending on your ZIP code, the type of service you’ve selected, and the estimated date of arrival. The early deliveries may charge you more than the normal package. 

Sun Delivery LLC Tracking

After you’ve set your goods for delivery, you receive an email confirming your shipment. In that email, you get a confirmation code that you can use to know your delivery status. That will let you know all the details about your parcels. 

sun delivery tracking

The whole shipment process is transparent. You’ll get details of your deliveries of each stage involved in the delivery process. The company has well-grounded technologies that are integrated with highly experienced teams to make sure they’re providing reliable services to their customers.  

Get Started With Sun Delivery Tracking

To know your order status, insert your sun delivery tracking number in the search section. The system will generate all the information related to your order within an interval of a few seconds. This will allow you to manage your order receiving more effortlessly. You can easily manage your shipments during your busy routines.

They have multiple tracking options given over there. You can enter your name, street number, and ZIP code. The other option is to track by the tracking code and the last one is to just insert Shipper’s ID and PO number to get started with the tracking. 

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To get started with sun delivery LLC tracking, paste your tracking code in the search section. In case you face any problem with the tracking, call their customer support center at 866-786-5492. The support representatives are available during the weekdays to entertain people with their concerns. 

Alternatively, you can also email your queries at [email protected]. You’ll hear back from them ideally within the next 24 hours. 

You can also visit their official tracking website