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About company

Swiss world cargo is one of the best companies for cargo services and is slowly becoming one of the finest in its line too. It offers a variety of products and solutions which cater to the needs of the masses and with their excellent cargo services ensure that their products reach the doorsteps of the people.

They specialize in a lot of products and services. These services include the Swiss X-Presso which includes fast transit and delivers almost instantaneously. It also has the option for Valuables for highly secured supply chain products which might include products like gold, money and even gems.

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Further services include Swiss Celsius services which are for temperature-sensitive products which need to be delivered through cargo. The last service range is of mail and general cargo which is for all the extra products which need to be delivered without any restrictions of time, temperature and safety.

With a huge range of services which are ready to be delivered and excellent quality at Swiss World Cargo one can be sure that they are true to their word and deliver on their ultimate promise of delivering the best at the finest prices and maximum ease for the consumer.

Swiss Cargo track

Swiss Cargo track is renowned for its expedited delivery and top-notch service. But as we are all aware, delivery services are not enough to satisfy the customer that their parcel or cargo will reach safely which is exactly where the Cargo tracking services come into the picture. The tracking service of Swiss World Cargo and extremely easy to use and access and thus very much needed.

swiss cargo track

 The procedure to track your order is increasingly simple. First off one needs to simply place the cargo order after which you will be provided an AWB number, also called the Air Waybill number which is a twelve-digit number, and this number will then be used alongside the prefix of 724 to find out your order details.

These details will also include information about your packet, cargo and the estimated delivery time making it considerably easier for you to know by when you can expect your parcel on your doorstep.

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Swiss airways cargo tracking

Alongside this, you can also do Swiss airways cargo tracking through an online tracker which involves simply entering LX 724 along with the air waybill or AWB number which will trace your shipment, air freight and delivery status. Through these methods, either by online tracking or by simply accessing the website for Swiss world cargo you can track your order with minimal effort.

With so much ease for ordering products through a range of services, each with its unique features one should always go back to Swiss World Cargo for deliveries of cargo packages. Their delivery and tracking services too are just the cherry on top which make ordering from here the perfect choice.

Contact details

Telephone Number: +41 848 80 30 00

Contact E-mail ID: [email protected]

IATA Code: LX Cargo Tracking

Tracking Number Example: 724 – 1234567