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Overview of Tarros

Tarros was founded in 1828 as M.A. Grendi, Tarros, and is now a significant intra-Mediterranean transport firm. It provides an effective and dependable service to its customers from the point of departure to the point of arrival. Tarros is a market leader in Mediterranean container traffic due to the high quality of benefits it provides to consumers. The goal is to provide a competent service that meets the needs of the customer, which is why they monitor their performance regularly, to ensure that quality is maintained.

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The company’s connection with its clients is built on providing personalized service at every stage of the shipping process. The consumer is always taken care of and his or her needs are satisfied quickly. Tarros employees undergo high-quality training, which assures a high degree of professionalism. Customers may readily contact with Tarros staff to seek advice and clarifications, knowing that they will earn excellent service, but they can also anticipate care, civility, expertise, and flexibility. This is Tarros’ first priority, regardless of who the customer is. Tarros is constantly involved in a number of community projects as well.

tarros container tracking

TARROS is particularly concerned about the environment. Simple actions can help us develop the quality of human life and our way of living. Tarros effectively realizes the power of each of our commitments, even in the simplest activities, to assist enhance the health of our planet.

Tarros provides a DOOR TO DOOR custom fit service by tracking each shipping step from leaving to delivery in a timely and precise manner, owing to the competence of the Group’s companies. Tarros also offers consumers services such as container maintenance and upkeep, as well as metal surface coatings, owing to the activities of expert firms. They offer a list of Containers’ characteristics. You can pick the one that best matches your shipping, and TARROS excellence is always guaranteed.

Tarros Container Tracking

The Tarros Tracking system is simple and effective. For Tarros lines tracking to work, you must know your container number, bill of lading number, and then verify your identity to know about your order status and where the delivery has reached at that specific time. In this way you can be rest assured that Tarros is taking care of your freight and there is nothing to worry about.

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Contact Details

Contacting the team of tarros phoenicia tracking is easy and their representatives are working round the clock to assist your queries in the best possible way. You can contact them via Privata Enel – 19126 – La Spezia – Italy

 0187 5371

SUPERVISORY BOARD: [email protected]


TARROS: [email protected]

CLAIMS OFFICE: [email protected]

TRANSPORT OFFICE: [email protected]