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You can also out to them through phone, regarding any issues about the order placed for which you can call them on:

 1-888-979-1408, Monday- Friday between 8.00 AM PST to 4.30 PM PST.

Overview of Thrift books

Thriftbooks is an independent seller of pre-loved books and has sold more than 160 copies of used books since they started in 2003. It not only offers low prices, but it also guarantees you books with the best quality.

 It initially started out in the back of a storage unit, but as the years went by, regional processing centers were opened across the nation, and more employees were hired to purchase, grade and distribute the rare books.

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In today’s times, Thriftbooks is the largest online independent used book seller, with the best automation and analytics in an environment which chooses safety. The major chunk of business which is generated by Thriftbooks is through web and mobile via their website while other business is done through Amazon, eBay, Abe, and several other ecommerce sites.

The one thing which makes Thriftbooks stand out is their insane variety of books, which when combined with the excellent quality is everything a book worm needs, to read at night or on their way to college or workplaces!

Mission of Thrift books

The main purpose with which Thriftbooks brings to people is the belief in the fact that reading empowers individuals and urges them to be more empathetic and live in the moment. They also want people to see things from a different perspective and occasionally act as an escape from the present world into the fantasy world, that books provide.

 Alongside that, using preloved or used books also contributes into building an environment which Is cleaner and greener, while also fulfilling the promise of shaping minds, sharing stories and teaching wisdom all while making books more accessible. Their purpose is clear, and it is to make the world a better place for the book enthusiast, which it does by the techniques mentioned above.

Thrift books order and delivery

In today’s times, when delivery is essential to whatever business, one cannot deny its importance. Especially, with Thriftbooks whose main medium to reach out to clients is through its website, delivery plays an increasingly important role in their process. Any Thrift books order is delivered as per your instructions which makes this company efficient and top ranked among many renowned online book distributors.

thriftbooks order

To ensure timely delivery of the books, you will first select all the books from their wide range and add them to the cart, after which you will be checking out of the cart. When you’re done checking out, your order will soon be processed, after which it will take the required delivery days to reach your doorstep. The total delivery time thus is the sum of days required for order processing and transit time.

Thrift books Track Order

Now that we have clarified all confusions about the delivery date, to be fully transparent, it also comes with a system of tracking through which you can easily check where your order is at any given time, along with its estimated delivery date.

For Thrift books tracking, simply open the tab for My Account and click on the “order history” link then add the order number to access shipment and tracking information at the bottom of the order details. Through this process, you will be able to easily access the details to the shipment.

The details essentially include your courier details, package, shipping status and estimated delivery time, all of which are extremely crucial information for a buyer.  Not only does order tracking make this whole process easier, but it also makes it way more convenient for the buyer to purchase anything and everything with efficient preplanning.

Thrift books My Orders

One thing to remember is the fact that all deliveries are done through Monday till Friday, except any official US holidays. The order processing primarily takes 1 or 2 days. Also, orders which are placed before 11.00 AM will be shipped the next day and those placed after 11.00 AM will be shipped in 2 business days.

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There are also several shipping options, including standard shipping for new and old items, express shipping and 2-day shipping depending on how soon you need your order.  There is also an option for international shipping, which is available for Canada and Internationally, however orders are not shipped in case of any holiday within US.

Contact Thrift Books

In case of any query, you can always reach out to Thrift books using either email or phone. You can also contact them through the customer service form which directly connects you to the authorities and provides you assistance. You can also reach out to them through phone, regarding any issues about the order placed for which you can call them on 1-888-979-1408, anytime from Monday to Friday between 8.00 AM PST to 4.30 PM PST.