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Tiger Courier 

Tiger courier, which is now known as Kinderslay transport limited, was founded in 1962. Erwen Siemens was the founder of the company. He incepted the business with an aim of providing people with reliable, efficient, and safe transportation services. 

The company, with its core values, has been growing leaps and bounds since then. It offers transportations services following a strategically spread network in multiple centers in Canada and USA. Furthermore, it operates a ground courier that is serving in Canada. 

You can see the company’s name is prominent among the leading courier services. It has won a number of awards throughout its journey to date. One of them to mention here are, Saskatchewan’s top 100 companies, HR Canada’s top fleet employers, Todays’s trucking list of top 100 carriers, and employment equality achievement. 

Operating Locations of Tiger Courier Inc.

Tiger courier is performing its operations in eight Canadian centers. These centers are located in Toronto, Regina, Calgary, Kelowna, Winnipeg, Saskatoon, and Vancouver. The company’s headquarter is located in Saskatoon. It is run by top management having extensive experience of over 100 years in the industry.

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Moreover, it also offers the facility of independent contractors in combination for the client base expansion in its major centers and at the smaller centers as well. This benefits the company in terms of loyalty from their customers as they have more control over the work this way. This way, the company enjoys excellent input and high commitment from them. 

Services Offered by the Company

Kindersley is a big name in the courier industry that people rely on. It’s a full-service, third-party logistics provider that not only offers the reliable transportation of freight but at competent rates. They are refining and supporting the customer capacity by leveraging different groups of companies. 

tiger tracking

It deals with all types of freight and commodities transportation you can possibly think of. The services include international truckload, less-than-truckload, express, flat deck, heavy haul, drayage, storage and warehousing, and the ground courier serving Canada. 

The company is focused on rapid expansion towards North America as well. This can benefit both, the service providers and customers in terms of getting fair delivery prices. 

Tiger couriers follow a multimodal approach that allows them to manage transportation and management services in a better way. They have well-developed management software that assists them in aligning and streamlining their processes. 

In addition, the WMS (warehouse management software) is fully integrated with the operations of the distribution to give an insight into warehouse capacity. 

Their well-organized systems provide efficient operations and deal faster with customers’ queries. This eventually leads towards more profitability and high-cost management. 

Growth Opportunities with Siemen groups

Siemens Transportation Group is dedicated to providing its employees with a healthy working environment. It not only adds more productivity but provides growth opportunities to its employees as well. 

Furthermore, their training sessions, incentives, and flexible work arrangements increase the personal growth of the workers. They always keep a check to ensure the safe and sound office as well as delivery operations.

Tiger Courier Tracking

Are you one of those people who start fretting over the safe delivery of their goods once they’re set for the delivery process? If yes, then you’ll be glad to hear that there’s no need to worry about the matter anymore.

With the tiger courier tracking system, you’re just about to get connected to the location of your parcel. On every transaction, the team works closely to get things done in the best way possible. Their systems get updates after the courier passes through every single step. 

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If you’re setting your freight to get transported using tiger courier services, you’ll experience a seamless and well-grounded system. The whole delivery process is quite transparent. It allows the user to get connected to its consignment throughout the proceeding until it arrives at its destination. 

They have an app and you can also track and trace your order through their website as well. This way, you can get an insight into what delivery stage your package is in or passing through.

How To Get Started with Tiger Tracking

When you confirm the order, you receive the order tracking number. After hitting ‘confirm order’, an email is sent directly to your registered email ID. From that, you can get your order tracking code. 

To track and trace your parcel, paste that tracking code in the search bar and hit ‘track my order’. Within a few seconds, teh system will fetch all the details related to your order, including its location and estimated delivery time. 

It’s a facility that can make your busy work life manageable along with handling your order deliveries in a more efficient way. 

Final Words For Tiger Courier

Utilizing a service that only adds ease to your life but makes the delivery process hassle-free is every person’s preference. With the changing world and technology revolution, people are now more concerned about choosing the right type of facilities. The one that not only saves their time but is satisfying as well. 

With tiger courier, you can enjoy a seamless delivery service. Their departments are integrated well within the organization to ensure the smooth flow of information. This makes the whole company operates under a single umbrella to deliver well to their customers and gain their loyalty. 

To track your order and get the details about it, put your tracking code in the search bar. Within a few seconds, you’ll be able to connect to your order’s location and all the details related to it. 

If you face any problem in tracking your freight or consignment, call their customer support team at 1-800-667-8556. Their active representatives are sitting over there to assist you with your concerns during weekdays from 8:am to 3 pm. 

And if you’re more comfortable writing to them, drop an email at [email protected]. You’ll hear back from them within the next 24 hours ideally. 


Toll Free (LTL): 1-306-975-9208

Email: [email protected]

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Toll Free (TL): 1-800-667-1138

Email: [email protected]