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You have not received your parcel from fashion nova yet? put your tracking number above to track fashion nova order. If any problem occurs please go to Fashion Nova Official Site.

Fashion Nova Customer Service For Orders

1 (800) 866-0286

Fashion Nova 2801 E. 46th Street Vernon, CA 90058 United States

[email protected]

What is Fashion Nova?

Fashion Nova, as the name itself suggests, is an American fast fashion retail company and has recently become extremely famous for its highly on-trend and inclusive outfits. For this reason, it has expanded greatly as well and currently has five stores, alongside having an excellent website for delivery as well.

Fashion Nova first started off as a mere small clothing shop, but with the heavy digital marketing and trendy range of club-wear attire which it introduced, the store gained a lot of popularity especially among teens and youngsters. It has now grown to include several outfit lines, including kids and menswear as well.

Mission of Fashion Nova

Ever since Fashion Nova started off, their mission has been the same which is to make affordable fashion accessible to customers around the world. This just determines that not only is Fashion Nova committed to making our wardrobes prettier, but it does so without making us go broke by simply buying a few tops. It is indeed a one-stop shop for all your needs.

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To stay on top of their mission, Fashion Nova ensures that they forecast the upcoming fashion trends way earlier and introduce minimum 1000 new arrivals every week, so that the customers are always coming back for more. With their confident, trendy, and highly reasonable tops, one never has to go looking for second options.

They’ve become a pop cultural force, with over 25 million followers on social media, including popular celebrities and contributors.


As soon as you open their website, there are five main categories which catch your eye including women, men, curve, kids and even beauty. These five ranges further have a plethora of products, each of which are in the top and stylish colors of the season. All these qualities make you want to buy from them without any doubt.

Within women, some of the best-selling options which are available include tees, blouses, dresses and halters, alongside several more. Their curve line too, which is for plus size men and women is highly beautiful and appreciated and a great step towards inclusivity which most manufacturers often miss out on.

Alongside that, their men’s collection is extremely ravishing too. What is most amazing to one is the fact that each category further has several more subcategories with many options, having something for everyone who has a love for fashion and looking their best.


One of the best ways that Fashion Nova always stays relevant and top of the trends to catch the public eye is by collaborating with some of the very famous influencers and celebrities which also offers a great boost to their sales.

Initially, Fashion Nova released a line with Cardi B, which was a huge success and was sold out within seconds. It has also collaborated with Megan the stallion, Lil Nas X and even Kylie Jenner, all of whom are major celebrities and bring forward this brand like no other.

They also actively work with Instagram influencers who embody their brand and continuously bring more followers to the store, making sure that the demand for affordable stylish outfits never ceases. Their name has also heavily been mentioned in several songs and shows, making it the topic of conversation among fashion enthusiasts, not once, but several times.


When someone has such a huge store, it is not possible to cater to thousands of people through the 5 brick and mortar locations on conventional places. Therefore, Fashion Nova has an excellent delivery network, and the fashion nova order tracking system is efficient, aiming to bring individuals the best that there is without worrying about anything.

 Usually, as soon as one presses check out, the worry begins about when will the order reach or will they send the correct order or how can I know when will it be delivered? Well, with Fashion Nova being there to serve you in the best way possible, there is no space for worries or mishaps to occur.

Track Fashion Nova Order

As soon as you press checkout after deciding all that you’re going to get your hands on, you will receive a confirmation email which will have your shipping details alongside an order and tracking number to Track Fashion Nova Order and the total amount for which you are billed.

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Now, all you need to do is enter the fashion nova tracking number on their website, in the option which shows ‘track order’ and voila, within seconds you will know exactly by when you will be receiving your order.

Fashion Nova Order Status

Not only does Fashion Nova track your order, but you will also get to know the status of your order which will further help you determine which step of the delivery cycle is your parcel in. Whether it’s being checked out, processed or is in the trucks to be delivered.

track fashion nova order

This is undoubtedly extremely useful for the buyer, allowing maximum transparency and control, making the delivery process feel a lot easier than it is. Your Fashion Nova order status is clearly displayed on the website, for you to feel easy and at peace, knowing that you dealt with the correct people.

By ensuring a good delivery system with proper tracking and order status, Fashion Nova plays a huge role in customer retention and enables existing customers to keep coming back every now and then.  


As soon as you open the Fashion Nova website, a catchy background pulls you in to the shop for the best outfit options. If that does not attract you enough, there are also several promotions constantly going on at their website, making you want to buy more and more consistently.

The promotions include getting some percentage off continuously without any code, BOGO deals and free shipping in USA and Canada after a particular amount, all of which make buying outfits irresistible.

It also has an option where you can use after pay to pay later and buy right now. With all these promotions, who would not want to buy from Fashion Nova?

Fashion Nova Contact Details

To get in touch with Fashion Nova, fill out the form provided on their Contact Us Page. Once you have entered all the details, a representative will contact you as soon as possible to assist queries. The contact numbers of three stores are listed below for assistance

(323) 888-1071

1811 Montebello Town Center Dr Montebello, CA

(818) 238-0022

201 E Magnolia Blvd Burbank, CA

(818) 347-6500

6600 Topanga Canyon Blvd Los Angeles, CA