UNI Express Tracking – Check Parcel Status

Are you tired of waiting for your uni express order to arrive? you’re just a few steps away to track your order. Paste your tracking code here for UNI Express Tracking

All About Uni Express 

Uniuni express is one of Canada’s leading courier companies. It’s renowned to provide e-commerce delivery solutions to more than 55 cities in Canada. The company is linked with traditional retailers as well and other e-commerce businesses. 

It operates with the delivery of everyday use items, in short everything that you can get from a supermarket from groceries to garments. It’s connected to more than 50 retailers and businesses across the country. 

With a team of over 3000 trained drivers, they ensure safe and sound deliveries to their customers. It’s a win for the company to gain trust and reliability from their service users. 

Logistic & Tracking Model

The company operates on the “dispatch” model. Following this model, they select the best optimal delivery route for packages’ deliveries. Their well-trained riders then follow the most suitable paths keeping in view the delivery timeline to ensure timely deliveries. This way, every rider can successfully manage almost 100 deliveries per day. 

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This all is made possible because of big data systems and LBS positioning systems. In Vancouver, the service was started last year in which they developed a crowdsourcing logistics distribution model. This catalyzes both processes, order collection and order distribution at the same time. 

Uni express has designed a distinctive “last five minutes of crowdsourced delivery”. This captivates the most of retailer’s attention. With that, the retailers dealing with food, beverages, maternal and child care goods, fresh fruits, and books are the main users of their utilities. 

Growing Chain of Uni Express Container Tracking

The expansion of uni express over the years has been incredible. Back in 2017, there was a monopolistic hold of the traditional courier companies in Vancouver. It was negatively effective the city-wide distribution overall by offering inefficient services of larger goods with high delivery costs. 

uni express tracking

The emergence of city-wide distribution seemed turmoiled in comparison to cross-city distribution services. But uni express turned the tables after its arrival in Vancouver. The prominent expansion can be observed through the growth statistics of the past year. 

There’s a prominent growth in the company’s relationship with multiple merchants which now has reached over 300 in number. After witnessing this growth, various large supermarkets have joined hands with uni express in all the major cities of Metro Vancouver. Moreover, many small and mid-sized businesses have also built long-term cooperative relationships with uni express. 

This expansion of distribution channels in cooperation with all the distributors not only helps offer wide services but in the competitive rates. This past year has been a year of rapid growth for the company along with the local businesses and retailers. 


Uni Express Canada is a leading courier company that offers high-quality delivery solutions to its customers across Canada. It has wide services to offer to its users from daily deliveries to take-aways from the major and mid-level businesses and retailers. 

It operates on well-designed strategies and incorporates well with its highly trained staff and crowdsourcing logistics plans to make the services more efficient. When ordering your required item with uni express, you can rest assured that you’ll get a faster and efficient service. The goods reach your doorstep following a transparent delivery process. 

Uni express also offers customized delivery solutions to its customers. This is done after making a suitable combination of customers’ data, resources, and application scenarios to offer the best of services. 

Uni Express Tracking

With the revolution in technology, every organization and system is now aimed at providing ease to their users. It eliminates the communication gap and distances between the facility providers and their buyers. This eventually results in high customer satisfaction and an increase in revenue for the companies. 

For the courier services, the operations are now quite controlled and monitored. If you just have ordered anything from uni express Toronto for instance, you’ll be provided with a tracking code using which you can track and trace your item. 

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This way of getting regular updates will reduce your chances of missing your orders. It can be of great help for you to deal with your daily shopping during your busy day-to-day tasks. 

Apart from offering the most efficient and excellent services, the company keeps the whole delivery process quite transparent. If you order any item from any store, you can stay connected to it throughout until it reaches your doorstep. 

How to get started with Tracking

Now when you’re overwhelmed after knowing about the tracking facility of the service, you must be wondering where to go to track it. Well, that’s an easy peasy lemon squeezy method. All you need to do is to put your order tracking code in the search section and then hit the ‘track order”. 

After that, you’ll be taken to the location of your item. You can use their app to get started with order tracking. You can get notifications regularly from there. The mobile app can also be a great source of connectivity to get accurate notifications, can reschedule deliveries, and much more. 

Final Words For Tracking Your Parcel

Uni is the best courier services provider company operating in Canada. It can sort out your daily used products’ delivery issues. Their quick and safe courier solutions not only save your time but the hassle of dealing with lousy riders of other companies as well. 

Moreover, their technology is fully integrated with their operations to make them more seamless and efficient. Choosing them means opting for the best of facilities among other companies working out there. 

To track your code, paste your order tracking number in the tracking bar to know the location of your order. In case you’re having any issues doing that, you can make a call to their customer support representative at (647) 250-9481 from Monday to Sunday from 11 AM to 6 PM. 

Or you can also write an email to [email protected]

Toronto (Mississauga)

(647) 250-9481

[email protected]

Vancouver (Burnaby)

(604) 288-0006

[email protected]

Toronto (Cambridge)

(519) 621-2888

[email protected]