UPS Tracking Number | UPS Tracking By Tracking Number

Are you worried about your parcels coming through UPS? Well, you don’t need to be down in the dumps anymore. Paste your UPS tracking code in the tracker to know your package’s status. 

About The UPS Store

UPS (United Parcel Service) was founded back in 1907. Initially, the aim of the two teenage founders was to open a messenger company that would facilitate the people. Later on, the company kept expanding and over the years have been enjoying a huge success. It’s now become the world’s largest package delivery service. 

The Unique Selling point of UPS

The company is on the mission to offer the world what is required for moving forward. The thing that makes it a leader and helps it stand out from the crowd is its innovative and effective logistics solutions. The way it prioritizes and values its customers is the reason people rely on its services greatly.

Their services in areas such as healthcare, global markets, and for the smaller businesses make all the difference. No matter if you’re an individual or running a business, you’ll always find their solutions beneficial and reliable. 

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Global Presence of the Company

After the struggles of years that the company has been making, it’s enjoying a considerable presence globally. The company is catering to customers in over 220 countries and territories. Providing the services to all sizes of users, small and large, makes the total of 500,000 users worldwide.  

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It’s not only the numbers that the company focuses on. They are more concerned about maintaining a healthy and sustainable environment to create resilient and focused communities. 

Tracking With Ups

Tracking with UPS is an effortless and quick way to stay connected with your packages, freights, trucking, and consignments. Once you set your items for shipment, you’ll have a tracking code. The tracking is considered as the identity of your package. 

At every shipment process stage, the packages are scanned to update the delivery status. When you enter your tracking code in the tracker. All the details, including the dispatch and delivery date, shipment details, and the estimated time of package arrival.  

Do you want to go to advanced tracking? If yes, then Choose UPS my choice to unlock other tracking resources. It will allow you to check your package status in real-time. It means you’ll be able to live map to track and trace your deliveries. 

UPS Tracking

Once you have got the tracking number, use it to start off with the tracking. There are several ways of tracking your UPS parcel. Put the code in the tracker provided at the top of the page. After hitting ‘track my order’, the system will process for a few seconds. You’ll be able to see the package status shortly. 

Or else, you can visit the official website as well to track your package away. When you’re tracking with UPS, there are several ways that you can use to locate your shipment.

Tracking By Number

One of the quick and easy ways to track your package is by using the tracking code. You can trace it through every shipment system it passes through. It’s a simple a couple of steps’ process. Put the code in the tracker and click the ‘track’ button. The UPS tracking code can be used to: 

  • Access the order status 
  • Verification of your deliveries
  • To get access to delivery charges settings

Tracking By Reference

When creating your shipment, you have the access to allocate a reference with that. This can be of great help to enable you effortlessly to get connected to your package anywhere anytime. It will facilitate you to:

  • Make a smooth connection with the transaction system to coordinate better with your customers
  • Assign a PO (purchase number), bill of lading number, and customer’s job number
  • Assign a recognizable identity to the package

If you’re to use this attribute, go to track by reference given on the tracking page. There you need to select the type of your freight or package first. Then choose the shipment date range and your reference type in the Shipment reference section. Last but not the least, hit the Track button to proceed further. 

You can also import your tracking number directly from But it requires logging in to your account first. 

How Do I Track by email?

Track by email is another way to track your packages in more than one number. You can track up to 25 small packages at a time. All you have to do is email your tracking codes following a specific format. 

Using email tracking you can only track your packages, it doesn’t support freight tracking. If you have one tracking number to track for the email, then write that down in the subject line. You can also paste it into the body of the email as well. They will respond to your email shortly in detail. 

In case of tracking more than one package, write all the tracking codes in the body of the email. There is no need to add the subject to the email. You’ll ideally get a response within the next 24 hours. 

What is UPS MY Choice?

UPS my choice is another facility that gives the senders full control to manage both incoming and outgoing packages. The users get full control of personalizing their ups tracking, how and when they want it to arrive, and what track it should follow to reach the destination. 

UPS my choice has further two options: UPS my choice to support home deliveries and UPS my Choice to facilitate the businesses. In one way or another, the main purpose is to cover the complex supply chain needs and the simple day-to-day delivery requirements. 

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When opting for the personalized service, you get a customized dashboard where you get multiple tools. You can claim for the returns along with getting branded tracking. In short, you’ll be the one controlling your freight and consignments. 

In the case of complex and larger package trackings, UPS has a Quantum and a flex Global view option. They assist the organizations to have a more managed and controlled supply chain utility. It’s an easy and quick way to get more visible tracking and the notifications alert. 

UPS Store

The UPS Store was launched as an alternative to posting offices back in 1980 as Mail Boxes. Over the years, it has been improving and evolving continuously. Today it is recognized as the world’s largest franchisor for the postal, printing, shipping, and service centers for businesses.  

You get a wide range of services and products at the UPS store. It was introduced with the aim to support small business owners and the local retailer’s community. It facilitates small businesses by taking good care of their packing and forwarding their packages. 

UPS Store Tracking

Starting off with the idea of providing logistics and delivery services, it now has expanded into other sub-services. As the world’s leading courier service, it’s important to set high bars of service providing to stay at the top. 

UPS tracking is nowhere behind in To keep up with the cut-throat competition with its competitors like FedEx and DHL, the company continuously strives to maintain its service quality and the standard in the industry. 

Some of its sub-services are 

  • UPS Cargo airline.
  • UPS logistics operation that is fulfilled by freight trucking
  • UPS Flight forward or drone airline that is introduced to take the delivery service to set new standards for the future. 

UPS SurePost 

UPS SuerPost is an integrated service between the UPS ground network and US Postal Service (USPS). All the deliveries that are non-urgent and casual are delivered to their final destination by USPS. The packages are packed and shipped by UPS to your nearest USPS for the final deliveries. The services operate from Monday to Saturday. 

When your packages are handed over to USPS, you can no longer track them. But you can upgrade your UPS SurePost to UPS Ground once you go for UPS MyChoice subscriptions. This costs some extra fee but you’ll be able to use their membership features. 

The services include redirecting and rescheduling your deliveries. The packages that are upgraded are delivered 1 to 2 days earlier than the normal service. 

UPS SurePost Tracking

You might have noticed that once the packages are transferred to USPS, you longer have access to track them. UPS SurePost is the delivery option for packages weighing less than 10 pounds. It operates in over 48 states delivering ideally within 2-7 days. 

This type of hybrid shipping can prove to be one of the affordable shipment methods available out there. But, with every pro, comes its cones as well. 

The time and date of the delivery aren’t guaranteed. And as the USPS is also involved in teh process, you get little to no liability from UPS in case of lost and damaged packages.

How UPS SurePost and UPS Ground Differ?

UPS SurePost is dependent on the UPS ground network to an extent. Both pick the parcels up from their location to transfer them to the warehouse and then deliver them to the destination. Both services follow the same routes repeatedly to run the delivery process smoothly. 

Standard ground shipments are delivered to their desired spots by the UPS trucks. Whereas, SurePost drops off the packages at the local post offices. They are forwarded further by USPS trucks to the customers. 

Is UPS SurePost reliable?

The initial stages of delivery process remain as it is, the changes occur only when the UPS delivers its parcel to USPS for final delivery. Further the delivery process is completed by USPS.

UPS SurePost is reliable for UPS and USPS delivery. UPS takes hands-off approach by handing over parcel to USPS. The efficiency of this integrated system is dependent on the efficient services provided by local post office.

How do I track UPS parcel transferred to USPS?

Whenever the parcel is transferred to USPS from UPS, a new tracking ID is provided on UPS tracking page.  On the tracking page it shows the journey of your parcel and along with it also is shows the new USPS tracking ID. Using the new tracking ID the parcel can easily be tracked.

Why UPS transfer package to USPS?

The transfer of parcel from UPS to USPS for final delivery is cost saving. As USPS delivers to rural areas, so there is no point of sending other delivery vehicles by UPS. Transfer of USP parcel saves money.

Shipping tools 

While delivering items with UPS, you’ll rest assured knowing that you’re dealing with a quality service provider. They give you the flexibility to choose from a wide number of shipping methods available. No matter if you do deliveries or occasionally or deal with a complicated high volume supply chain, you’ve got covered by UPS. 

On, you’ll find enhanced and simplified shipment solutions. You can get a price quote by inserting details about your package to be delivered. The system will assist you to the package that suits you the most. The live estimator will display the prices inclusive of taxes and duties for international deliveries. 

You can also ship to more than one person with the help of batch import capabilities. With batch shipping, you can ship up to 250 packages at a time. Moreover, you’ll be notified beforehand if any of the items aren’t eligible for shipment. The customs paperwork for the global deliveries is more active and streamlined with UPS. 

How UPS Supports businesses’ supply chain?

The volume shipping tools facilitate your businesses be it small or a larger scale. There are a number of well-managed and controlled ways to keep your business’s supply chain moving without interruptions. 

  1. UPS CampusShip gives you more power in choosing your desired time of delivery and costs. It needs no extra installations and maintenance to keep in the flow. You can easily manage it from the browser to keep your inter-campus and out-of-the-campus deliveries for your business. 
  2.  If you’re running a large scale business and shipping is a major operation of it, then hop on to WorldShip. It can make your shipments error-free without breaking the flow. To make the processes more transparent, you’ll get options like:
  • Setting up alerts for shipments
  • Labels printing
  • Shipment tracking
  • Customs data uploading
  • Exporting shipment data
  • Maintain and transfer reports

The worldShip software is there to make your shipments more compliant and hassle-free. You won’t be facing any cost and shipment errors when dealing with the bulk of deliveries anymore. The software is available in more than 140 countries in over 20 languages.  

3.             UPS Mail Innovations is another easy way to cut down the extras in the shipment process. It works to keep your customers informed and notified through mail-box to alert them about the order arrivals.

To catalyze the system, they have partnered with US postal service (USPS) to make a more secure connection with their customers. It’s a quick and easy way to access the customer’s mailboxes and to keep up with their expectations. 

If you’re a selling business, you better have an idea of how time-consuming the shipment process is. It takes half of your selling time to manage deliveries. But with UPS marketplace shipping, you’ll get great features to manage your shipments from multiple e-commerce stores efficiently. 

It will support your businesses to:

  • Float your shipment information between marketplaces to manage the imports and exports.
  • Ship on a few clicks by eliminating keystroke errors and saving time. 
  • Notify the customers with the support of automatic UPS notifications.
  • Offer discounts on different payment methods through UPS accounts. 

Most importantly, when dealing with cross-border shipments, the real hassle begins. Especially if the packages get stuck due to some paperwork error, it results in delays and could be a headache.

But with UPS Import Control, no more delays and hassle. It looks closer to the delays and keeps the shipment costs balanced. It makes the whole process more efficient by:

  • Keeping the importing budget and speed under control.
  • Making the whole supply chain process more transparent to support planning and forecasting.
  • Averting extra exporting and unauthorized charges to be imposed
  • Streamlining your supply chain through more controlled imports from different suppliers. 
  • Avoiding any delays and extra duty charges

As a business, you can also get started generating your own bills and invoices to get the authority of choosing delivery service and speed than your supplier. UPS label will assist you throughout printing labels and collecting and passing the labeled packages to the shippers. 

One way or the other, the UPS store is up for the support of every capacity business in the best way it can. As a business, you can cut down on extra expenses by utilizing their specialized shipping tools and package delivery methods. 

It will help you to generate more satisfied customers and to increase the credibility of your service among the users. It also facilitates when the businesses get to deal with third parties. It assists keep the personal and price-sensitive information confidential and out of reach of the parties. 

UPS is on the mission to provide a quality service. It directs the sellers to a way of generating more profit by keeping the costs low, and that’s what a leader does right? Creating ease for users on both ends is the key to its success. 

When Do I Receive UPS Info Notice?

A UPS InfoNotice is given by the UPS driver whenever a delivery attempt is unsuccessful. This includes information such as the estimated time of the next attempt for delivery and whether a signature is required for delivery. 

theupsstore tracking

You receive UPS InfoNotice when they don’t find you at the time of package delivery or pick up. Once you missed it, they will offer you some options in the notification. You have to read them carefully to ensure your package isn’t lost again. The notification can be of several types:

  1. In the first instance, your package will be transferred to a nearby UPS Access point by the driver. The access point near your pin location will hold it for the next seven days. You can use your UPS InfoNotice number to track and know the details about it. In order to pick it, you need to have a national ID card that has the same name and address that matches your packages.
  2. They will try to deliver your package on the next UPS store delivery day. You’ll ideally receive it during weekdays excluding the UPS off days. 
  3. If you can’t make it to the package receiving, you may ask a neighbor to receive it and do the signatures on your behalf. But there are some restrictions in this case as well. For instance, packages that require adult signatures cannot be received by your neighbor. 
  4. If you want your UPS driver to drop your package on some other weekday, leave the UPS infoNotice having your signatures at the back for the driver.
  5. Even if you missed receiving the package, you still have a due C.O.D amount to pay your driver. Try to pay the amount through cheque before rescheduling the delivery. To get more options available, you can track the package to see all in detail. 
  6. If you’re a member of UPS My Choice, you can give instructions to the driver where to drop your package in your absence. You can make it drop at any alternative nearby location that is trusted and secure. But make sure the spot is safe for your package not to be misplaced. 
  7. UPS gives you three attempts for dropping off your packages. In case you missed all three, you have to reschedule the package’s pickup. The tracking option is always open to manage the deliveries. You’ll have to do it all over again. 

Tracking With UPS Without Tracking Number

There’s nothing to fret about if you don’t have any tracking number to locate your package. UPS tracking offers several other ways to get the job done even without having it. 

UPS MyChoice Sign UP

If you sign up with UPS MyChoice, you get some amazing features. For the registration, you have to enter your personal information along with your address. The free version allows you to conveniently track your package without having a tracking code. 

If you go with the free version, you can get connected to your parcel even without having a tracking code. But with the premium membership, you get some more useful features as well. You can easily change the recipient’s address and delivery date.

Log in to the Official Website

By logging in to the website you can have a better insight into your shipment history. Go to the tracking tab and there you can access all the information related to your pending, delivered, and received shipments. 

The UPS Store Tracking Reference

The tracking reference can be linked to a package at the time of delivery service selected. It could be a purchase order or the customer’s number. That 35 digit is the limit to set the code that you can use as a reference. That reference can be used as an alternative to your tracking code.

Can I track With my Address or ZIP code?

When you opt for the ‘Track by reference’ UPS tracking option, you’ll not be asked about the tracking number. There are some other details that you need to insert like your address, ZIP code, and country, etc. 

UPS Freight Tracking

In order to track the status of your LTL (less-than-truckload) courier by PRO or BOL code, you can make use of a tracking application that is available on That’s an easier and reliable source of tracking your freight throughout the process. 

Shipment Charges of UPS packages

The shipment cost of your UPS packages is determined by some factors like destination, size and type of the package, and the shipping service you’ve opted for. To make an estimate of delivery cost, there is an estimation tool available on the official UPS website. 

You can put all the information in the calculator to get an estimated amount of your items. The costs vary for different destinations and the size of packages. 

When Do I receive my package ideally?

If you’re delivering a package within the USA, you have 3 options, 1-day, 2-day, and 3-day delivery. You can choose whatever meets your needs better. The time of arrival is 9 AM – 9 PM during weekdays.

For international shipping, it can take up to 2 to 5 days for the package to arrive at the destination. The time can vary as per the type of service that you have chosen. To be more clear about the time of arrival, you can put the details in the estimator on the UPS website to manage your shipment as per your needs. 

How UPS delivers on Sunday

With UPS Express Critical Domestic Shipping you can deliver the packages on Sunday as well. To avail of the service, you have to pay some additional charges that may vary depending on the time of departure. With that, you can make it deliver to you anywhere within the United States and Puerto Rico. 

UPS drop box

You don’t have time to deal through the parcel pick-up process? You need not worry because, for the convenience of their customers, UPS has installed over 40,000 in both business and retail localities. Drop boxes are the self-service spots in multiple locations to facilitate the users. 

They are open for pickup 24/7. If you drop your package at any of the drop box, you’ll be charged US$500 per package.

UPS Access Point

UPS Access point serves the role of a participating retail outlet for easy parcel delivery and pickup spot. It’s a useful location to help the customers easily drop off their prepaid and labeled UPS Returns parcels. 

At the time of selection, you have to choose your parcel to be delivered at any of the UPS access points. You’ll be notified when your shipment reaches its destination. In order to collect it, you’ll have to take your ID card along to pick the package. 

ups store tracking

It accepts all types of packages that are labeled from UPS Access Point and are prepaid. The package is collected from the access point the next day of you dropping it there. It stays secure and safe at the spot till it is delivered forward.

UPS tracking app can track and trace your packages quickly within a few seconds. No matter if it’s coming from Hongkong, Singapore, or any other country through GreatBear, AliExpress, BangGood, Shopee, or any renowned store, you won’t face any hard time getting connected to your parcels. 

Tracking UPS package

If you have not received your UPS package don’t worry. You can track your UPS parcel by simply going to the UPS package tracking page. From there you can track the order by entering the UPS store tracking number. And you can check its status and also the expected delivery date. Also, the current location of the parcel is also available.

UPS package tracking number is also called Package Identification Code (PIC). The UPS tracking numbers for the parcels to be posted within the US pose of 18-digit collection of numbers and letters. More often UPS tracking numbers mostly start with the letters IZ ending at numeric digits. For example:

Ø  IZ 088 AA2 04 5436 8751

If you haven’t yet received the UPS package but its status shows that the package is delivered, you can start the claim.  A claim can be done by anyone i.e the sender or the receiver. But if the claim is handled by the sender it is more favorable because the sender is the one having the proof documents like invoice and tracking number etc.

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Other than the delivered there are some the other statuses like “Shipment Ready for UPS Pickup”. It means that the sender has created the shipment order. Also, there is “Origin Scan” or “Pickup Scan” which says that the order is going to be delivered soon. In case if the system shows Invalid or no information found, you should ask your sender for the check and redeliver the item to you.

Changing the delivery address:

If you are not a y choice member, you need to contact your sender in order to change the delivery address before the first attempt of delivery. If at the time of delivery or after the first attempt UPS finds that address is not correct then you are able to change the address right on the tracking page.

But being a subscriber of MyChoice you are being able to change many of the details of the shipment even before the first delivery attempt. You can change the delivery address, delivery date, and also delivery method. In order to do the changes, you need to write your UPS tracking number, choose delivery options in the tracking details section then proceed further to change the information as you want.

UPS Shipment Reference Tracking:

The UPS Shipment Reference is an ID number given to you by completing the reference fields during the shipping process. The UPS shipment reference can vary, it can be purchase order number, customer number, company name, bill of lading number, or any phrase identifying the shipment. Shipment reference can either be numbers or letters but it shouldn’t be exceeding 35 characters.

In the case of UPS Mail Innovations, shipment reference is the unique ID you assign to your package through barcoded information. The max characters for this UPS shipment reference can be 30 characters. The reference can be alpha or numeric but shouldn’t have any spaces or symbols in between. These can be used to identify and track UPS Packages as well.

UPS Express Saver:

This is a delivery service for delivery from Europe to the US within 2 to 6 working days. As it is a collected service so the parcel is collected by the UPS courier from an address of your own choice.

UPS Delivery Time:

The UPS delivery time vary based on the type of service you book. Generally, UPS delivers between Monday- Friday till 5:30 pm. This excludes the bank and the public holidays.

Delivery speed of UPS parcel

The delivery speed of UPS parcels depends upon many factors. But with the help of the Global Ship24 universal tracking system, you can track the speed of delivery of your parcel from origin to destination or it can also be done from location to location.

The factors that affect the speed of your parcel are:

The size of your UPS parcel: Depending upon the size of your parcel there are different mediums used to ship your parcel.

 Weight of your UPS parcel: Just like the size the weight of your parcel also affects the transport medium used to ship your parcel.

UPS shipping method used: Along with the size and the weight the transportation method used for the shipping can cause delays in the delivery of UPS parcels.

Holidays or events: The annual holidays and events like Christmas, Ramadan or Black Friday can also cause late deliveries in some regions.

Unforeseen circumstances: The range of unforeseen circumstances like crashes, blockages, customs delays, or others can also affect the speed of delivery resulting in delays.

Should I send my parcel with UPS?

Even though UPS is a leading multinational parcel delivery service but in the era and industry of rigorous and high competition, it’s always a question mark and hard decision for the buyers and sellers to choose for delivery. Especially when it comes to America there is a tough competition by other delivery service providers like FedEx and USPS.

But the good news is that even choosing between the couriers is a hard choice to make but tracking the parcel is not. The Ship24 tracking tool adds value to the UPS Tracking service. Using Ship24 you can track and access the details of your UPS shipment at any point and from any country, you are in.

Tracking Amazon order handled by UPS:

Amazon uses a number of delivery services one of which is UPS and Amazon Prime uses only UPS for its premium delivery services. Whenever there is a high number of deliveries they usually do not use UPS and use other deliveries instead-but temporarily.

tracking with ups

In this case, you may not be able to track your parcel even by using an amazon tracking number. You can then track your order using Ship24 even if your parcel is handled by UPS or not.

Contact Us

Contacting USP can be done in several ways i.e: phone number, virtual assistant, or e-mail. The FAQs are handled by the virtual assistant of UPS. You can connect to them directly if you have any issues tracking your order. 

UPS Billing Center Support +1 800 742 587

For Domestic billing support: 1-800-811-1648

Import billing support: 1-866-493-7140

Freight Support

Less than truckload (more than 150 lbs): 800-333-7400

Truckload (more than 12,000 lbs): 888-682-4652

Air Freight (more than 150 lbs): 800-443-6379

Ocean Freight: 800-350-8440


How to track UPS package?

 After you make your deliveries with UPS, you get a tracking code. That code act as the identity of your package. You can track and trace your package by inserting that code into the tracker. UPS’s official website has a tracker. You can also get the job done by other trackers on multiple sites. In case your code doesn’t work, contact the customer support department immediately. 

How to track ups truck?

You can track UPS trucks with tracking code, and by visiting your UPS account as well. Another way to keep connected to the truck in real-time is the subscription on UPS MyChoice. It will keep you connected to your parcel until it is delivered to its destination. This way, you get an insight into your freight passing through different shipment stages. 

How to track ups package without tracking number?

There are several methods using which you can easily track your package even without having a tracking code. You can track the package using the tracking code, tracking reference, and through the UPS official website’s account. There’s nothing to worry about if you don’t have a tracking code.