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To know your USORDA tracking status, insert your tracking number in the tracker. The system will display all the information related to your package after the processing of a few seconds. 

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USORDA is an international shipping warehouse based in Chicago. It handles the shipment of packages that are transferred between the USA and Canada through USPS. The packages that are under custom checking are often stored there. 

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Packages that are received by USORDA are also kept in the warehouse for shipment ahead within the USA. When residing there, they are taken great care of. They have a well-trained and responsible staff that handles the packages with good care. 

Shipment Details

When you set your goods for transportation, you’ll be asked to add the details about it. After you insert the information, they will tell you the shipment details including which method suits you and the package payment as well. 

And once it’s shipped, you can make a connection with your parcel using the tracking code. You’ll get all the information including dispatch and delivery date, the current location of your package, and the estimated time of arrival. 

How long does USORDA take to deliver?

When you are done with the shipment method, your email is sent to the National Distribution Center (NDC). Now, if your email is received by the department before 16:00, it will ideally take 1-5 business days for your order to arrive. 

usorda tracking

When passing through customs, the inception of your package takes place. The security checks if the carton contains any illegal item. If it’s cleared by the custom then the rest is an easy job. But if your package stocks there for some reason, it can take a bit longer for the delivery because of the custom clearance processes. 

USORDA Tracking

To offer its users a dependable and efficient service, USORDA is always striving for operations and systems improvement. With a myriad of shipment handling per day, they have a smooth and transparent system running that keeps the processes uninterrupted. 

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When you set your package for shipment, a tracking code is generated against it. It’s more like an identity of the package. The system sends you the code via email. You can then utilize it to know about the real-time status of your deliveries. 

To get started with the USORDA USA tracking, all you need to do is to paste the tracking number in the tracker. It will process shortly to provide you with the details about your parcel. It’s the easiest way to know the location of your parcel. 

You can stay connected to your goods until they reach their destination!

In case there occurs any issue or error while tracking, you can contact the customer support representative. 

Contact Details

1-800-ASK-USPS (1-800-275-8777)