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About Vanguard

Vanguard—then DCL as part of the organization’s founding businesses saw an opportunity to generate savings in ocean freight procedures when the standardized shipping container upset the logistics sector in the later 1970s.

They were one of the first organizations to specialize in combining less-than-container amounts of freight in the full containers, which held in 1978.

Since then, they’ve maintained their competitive advantage by expanding in new locations and services while staying true to their basic beliefs.

Today, their strategy to getting it suitable to transport combines the nimbleness of a real innovator with the dependability and power of an industry veteran.

Vanguard was purchased as a long-term strategy asset by the Mansour Group, one of the leading private-sector companies in the North Africa and , in 2012.

Vanguard advantages from the group ‘s corporate integrity, operating effectiveness, and human capital investment, also its significant support for the industry’s development and sustained leadership.

Vanguard shipping is efficient, deliver consistent outcomes, excellent service, and reliable information. They are always pushing themselves to achieve new heights a behave with honesty and transparency, they also talk with their coworkers and customers in a straightforward and open manner.

Along with that hey are respectful to all individuals and open to all type information and are concerned about the demands and interests of their coworkers and consumers.

Vanguard operates with zeal, attentiveness, and enthusiasm. They are proactive, anticipating not just today’s but also tomorrow’s client demands.

They have the same objectives for their clients and the system as a whole and collaborate as a worldwide team and have a good time doing it.

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Services Offered

Vanguard has much greater CFS and warehouse facilities that are controlled and run directly than other NVOCC.

The worldwide system of facilities is a vital component of their first class LCL service offerings that serves as a foundation for their risky cargo knowledge, and enables them to provide a comprehensive range of value-added solutions

Vanguard’s owns the ownership and operate CFS and warehouse facilities that allow them to provide a variety of value-added services.

They may hold inventory, box cargo and transload as needed, and manage a large gateway system for transport forwarders, all while using their LCL knowledge and integrating inland solutions.

Vanguard uses its CFS and storage network to speed and optimize the supply chain like a one-stop-shop for customers logistics needs, delivering knowledge paired with economy of scale to give functional capability customers can trust at extremely competitive pricing.

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Vanguard logistics Tracking

You can simply see if your order has passed the vanguard facility, is in progress, or is on its way to you. It’s simple to keep track of your orders online through Vanguard Tracking.

Login into the system and select Order Status from the drop-down menu. To check the status of your order, insert the tracking code.

View your Transaction record for previously completed orders and check the order progress after 4:15 p.m. Eastern standard time.

You can cancel a transaction online, but depending on marketplace conditions, they can’t promise that the deal will be cancelled.

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