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Do you want to track a package using Vitran Tracking? To check the current sttaus enter your vitran tracking number in the dialogue box.

Vitran Logistics offers a variety of special delivery services, including inventory consolidation, full distribution duty, and highway or rail brokerage.

Vitran Express

Vitran Express is a well-known name in the transportation and logistics industry in Canada. For clients less-than-truckload (LTL) or truckload (TL) transportation needs, their service packages provide greater coverage, adaptability, and consistent efficiency.

Owning as well as administering assets all across country allows you to keep a tighter grip on the goods shipments as it makes its way to the final destination. They offer the necessary equipment to fulfill your needs, whether you need power lift gates delivery or protection from frost.

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To enjoy the benefits of a smooth and cost-effective service, the solution may be tailored to match any circumstance. They have the tools to do the task in the shortest possible time and at the lowest possible cost in today’s tough business climate.

We have all of the tools, but it requires people to put them together, and at Vitran transport, getting the work done well for the clients is a collective effort. North American leader (TFI International) the transportation and logistics business, owns Vitran Express. From Central and Western Canada, a seamless and cost-effective transcontinental multimodal service is offered.

Vitran Transport

Vitran has one of the largest domestic carriers and chassis fleets in Canada, with cubes availability in dry and insulated thermal containers. Their operations remain flexible, and the cargo keep flowing thanks to great capacity on each of Canada’s railways. When shipments between Central or Western Canada must be done in the shortest time feasible, a driver crew service is available.

Both Canadian and American federal agencies have been striving to build enhanced security systems to cover the flow of products and transit over the shared border.

Various measures have been put in place to aid in the achievement of the aims of greater security while ensuring the free movement of commodities through their border with little economic interruption.

Vitran participates in the Pre-Arrival Review System (PARS) with the Canadian Border Services Provider and Pre-Approved Processing Systems (PAPS) with United States Customs and Border Protection to expedite the border clearance procedure by clearing cargo prior to the vehicle reaching the border.

vitran tracking

Vitran Tracking

Vitran Transport Tracking allows you to follow the progress and location of the shipment, package, or consignment in less than a minute. Enter your Vitran Tracking number on the official website to monitor the status of your shipment, the estimated arrival date, or any other shipment notifications.

Contact Details

Vitran customer service Head Office

1201 Creditstone Road

Concord, ON

L4K 0C2, Canada

Sales Administration: 416-798-4965

Fax: 416-798-4753

Toll Free: 800-263-0791

Dispatch: 416-798-4949


10077 Grace Road

Surrey, BC

V3V 3V7, Canada

Tel: (604) 582 – 4500

Cust:(604) 582 – 4509

Disp (604) 582 – 7500

Fax: (604) 582 – 2777


c/o Central Island Distributors(CID)

10009 Avenger Way

Sidney, BC

V8L 5S9, Canada

Tel: (250) 544-8866

Fax: (250) 544-8322

Toll Free: 800-644-3883


c/o Central Island Distributors(CID)

2050 Balsam Road

Nanaimo, BC

V9X 1T5, Canada

Tel: (250) 716-8855

Fax:(250) 716-8833

Toll Free: 800-758-8949


c/o VF Freight Ltd.

131 Tilley Road

Kelowna, BC

V4V 2K5, Canada

Tel: (250) 766-1717

Fax: (250) 766-1736

Prince George

c/o Overland

9088 Penn Road

Prince George, BC

V2N 5T6, Canada

Tel: (866) 562-0457

Fax: (250) 562-8131