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Wan Hai Lines

Wan Hai Lines, Ltd was formed in 1965 and is a Taiwanese maritime firm. With a network of 72 boats and a volume of around 180,000 TEUs, it has grown to be one of the leading participants in the cargo shipping sector.

Wan Hai’s first company focused mostly on log transport between Japan, Taiwan, and Southeast Asia. Wan Hai started the cargo vessel shipment industry in 1976 in response to the fast growth of worldwide trade within Asia Pacific region and the pattern of international transport containerization.

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Wan Hai has lately extended its Asia shipping system to include operations to Canada, the United States, Africa, South America, and the Middle East. Wan Hai Lines effectively offers transport solutions for all destinations, timetables, and navigational rights, and categorically denies any and all intentional distributing of false and erroneous embargo sanction data or any rumors.

Wan Hai Lines, as an AEO license holder, adheres to the safety standards of container shipping operations and is working hard to help Customs houses meet all safety criteria. They are dedicated to the concepts of full involvement and continuous development, and they will work hard to ensure that all essential safety rules and procedures are properly followed.

WAN HAI LINES is dedicated to implementing the following environmental and safety control procedures in accordance with their philosophy of management of complete involvement and business sustainability in order to completely fulfill its social duty for protection of the environment.

Wan Hai Tracking

Wan Tracking services have quietly gained in popularity among delivery firms, and most users use them on a regular basis to track order progress and view comprehensive order data. What makes monitoring services so appealing is their ease of use and ability to be accessed in a matter of seconds.

wan hai tracking

Wan Hai container tracking provides a tracking function which is easy to use. There is a simple method to get to it. It appears on the display when you initially view the wan hai website, and it may also be accessible using the website’s track or trace box.

When you choose the track and trace option, a popup will pop up asking for your email. When you’ve finished entering your email, click track now to keep track of your parcel. This entire procedure takes very little time and is a very simple way to find out about your purchase information and expected delivery time.

 Wan hai cargo tracking keeps customer from unnecessary stress since they are aware about their shipment by using wan hai lines tracking option. Wan Hai tracking cargo provides all the necessary details to its clients which also helps in their positive rapport building.

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Furthermore, with the solutions and wan hai vessel tracking services given by wan hai, there is no confusion as to where someone should turn for express delivery.

Customer Service

To get your questions answered or for more details you can get in touch with their team by calling wan hai contact number.