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West Basin Container Terminal

The dock, which spans about 300 acres and has four berths, is capable of handling over a million vessel lifts each year and provide exceptional services to its clients.

WBCT has 15 post-Panamax ship to the shore cranes, 38 top handlers, 21 transtainers and over 170 yards hustlers in its inventory. Through the UP and Railroads, WBCT has a full-service On Dock Rail operation that serves over 25 inland locations.

WBCT uses complex procedures and cutting-edge terminal technology to maintain a high quality of service across the terminal. Radio Frequency Identification Devices (RFID) and Optical Character Readers (OCR), and Differential Global Positioning Systems (DGPS) are examples of WBCT terminal technologies. They form a cargo tracking system that allows WBCT to guarantee unparalleled inventory integrity when combined with their Terminal Operating System (TOS).

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Faster turnaround time, inventory visibility, and more hours invested focused on what matters most, their customers’ service, are all benefits of this honesty.

The Marine Department at West Basin Container Terminal has the knowledge and flexibility to fulfill their clients’ evolving needs.

In 2016, they served 211 ships in the Port of Los Angeles, contributing for 15% of containerized tonnage. While managing one of the finest and safest cargo terminals in the Port, they maintain a high level of production.

In addition to ensuring that their clients’ goods are transported safely and efficiently. WBCT is also a trailblazer in terms of environmental responsibility. Vessels calling at Berths 100 and 102 can connect to alternative maritime power (AMP) stations, which eliminates the necessity for ships to operate their generators while berthing.

WBCT uses an intelligent gateway technology to provide a complete service In or Out for all container – based cargo types. To record data on the vehicle, box, and chassis, this system combines optical character recognition (OCR) with Weigh In Motion (WIM) and technologies.

On all fronts, WBCT considers security facility very seriously. Over the years of cooperating together to ensure their terminal is safe, they have developed good relationships with all federal authorities. The Yard Operation department is in charge of receiving and delivering cargo containers through truck traffic approaching the terminal entrance in a safe and effective manner.

The Yard operations unit is accountable for assigning space and equipment needed to ensure terminal efficiency in collaboration with other terminal departments.

They are responsible for providing a safe working environment for all workers, subcontractors, contractors, and customers at West Basin Container Terminal.

Their safety rules are founded on the principle of Zero Harm as well as the notion that everybody should be able to safely go home after a long day at work. Their crew is based at WBCT, giving drivers the opportunity to speak with a professional in person if any concerns develop during the return and delivery of their container (s). Their mission is to deliver prompt, comprehensive service while prioritizing safety.

WBCT Tracking

WBTC Tracking system is a great relief for customers who want to check the current status of shipment. Just simply enter WBCT Terminal Tracking number / Bill of Lading No / Booking Reference Number in online tracking system to follow and trace your shipment status, to check cargo progress, anticipated date and any other notification of delivery details instantly.

WBCT Tracking

Contact Detials

Terminal Address

2050 John S. Gibson Blvd.

San Pedro CA, 90731

[email protected]

Corporate Office Address

111 West Ocean Blvd. Suite 1610

Long Beach CA. 90802

[email protected]

PM Shifts

contact [email protected]  (310)-519-2349