What Does Package Acceptance Pending Mean?

There is no better feeling than seeing your long awaited package getting closer after seeing the live tracking but it is also kinda nerve-wracking. 

And sometimes when your luck gets dried up, you get hit with one of the most notorious tracking status labels of all time known as ‘Package Acceptance Pending.’

Frustration starts to build up. You might rethink what in the hell is this ‘shipment received package acceptance pending’. 

You might face this because of:

  1. Ambiguous tracking updates 
  2. Lack of information 
  3. Unreasonable endless wait

In this blog, we dive into these common pain points causing this status and provide insights to help you navigate your limbo.

What Does Package Acceptance Pending Mean

What Does Package Acceptance Pending Mean?

It simply means the sender has dropped off their package with whatever shipping company they choose (like USPS). However, the postal service hasn’t yet scanned your individual package into their system.

So, the shipping service is at fault. 

Your package is laying there till someone notices it and puts its entry into the system. Still confused? Let’s understand with 5 steps.

  1. The sender drops off a shipment containing the recipient’s package at the local post office.
  1. Instead of scanning each package, the sender uses a scan form to list all the packages in the shipment.
  1. USPS receives the scan form and scans it, indicating that the shipment has been received. However, the individual package itself hasn’t been scanned into the USPS system yet.
  1. The tracking status will show “Shipment Received, Package Acceptance Pending” until the individual packages are scanned from their end.
  1. USPS needs to confirm that the recipient’s package is indeed in the shipment as claimed by the sender. Typically, the tracking status updates within one business day. 

FYI: Above example states the USPS package acceptance pending process which is the same for the rest of shipping carriers out there like DHL, and FedEx.

However, selling platforms like Amazon or eBay will simply tell you that your package is in transit.

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5 Most Common Scenarios Might Happen In Package acceptance

If you’re stuck in limbo and dumbfounded, the below listed reasons might be the roadblock that is stopping you.

  1. The package is waiting to be scanned by the USPS:
  • Large Shipments: When the sender delivers a large shipment of packages at once, each package may not be immediately scanned, resulting in the pending status.
  • Scan Forms: They allow postal workers to scan one form for multiple packages thus saving time and hassle for each package, but not using them would cause delays in status updates for packages.
  1. The package is waiting to be delivered by the USPS:
  • Post Office Workload: Busy post offices handling numerous packages causes delays in scanning individual items, leading to pending acceptance statuses.
  • Seasonal Peaks: During holidays, increased package volume can lead to longer processing times too.
  1. The package is waiting to be delivered by the USPS:
  • Remote Locations: Packages shipped from or to remote areas also face delayed scanning because of limited postal facilities.
  • Missed Scans: Sometimes, the scanning process misses individual packages, leading to delayed updates.

But, that’s not it. Here are some additional scenarios that could cause a package to have a pending status:

  • The package is being delayed due to weather or other unforeseen circumstances.
  • The package is being returned to the sender due to an issue with the address or the package contents.

Now, the next important question is what about the timeframe and where should you as a sender or receiver set your hopes for the delivery? Let’s figure it out.

What Expectations Should You Set?

The package acceptance pending status typically lasts for a short duration, mostly 24 to 48 hours. Hopefully, your package is expected to be scanned and processed.

However, if it gets longer than this, packages are generally not uncommon to remain pending for 1-3 business days.

Meanwhile, set the below arguments in your head:

  • Their package has not yet been picked up by the USPS or scanned into the system. So, you won’t be able to track the package’s status.

Now, what actions do you need to take:

  • If a package remains in a pending status for longer than 3 days, you immediately contact the shipping service customer service. 

Avoiding Package Acceptance Pending + Common Mistakes

There are plenty of reasons why a package might be in a pending status. To avoid any inconvenience you should be aware of below mentioned 4 tips to avoid the cursed pending status!

  1. Be patient: To be honest, you can’t do anything except wait. Pending package status is quite a common occurrence, and it will eventually be delivered. Just take deep breaths, okay?
  1. Regularly check the tracking information: Keep an eye on the tracking information status. Mostly, it takes 3 days max to clear out this status.
  1. Contact the sender & Customer Support: If the pending status has not been updated, recipients should message customer support and can also contact the sender to see if they have any additional information about the package.

These tips can help to ensure package delivery status and avoid any unnecessary delays & panics.

Avoiding Package Acceptance Pending + Common Mistakes

A Horror Story To Avoid Being Numb To Pending Status

A seller shipped 66 packages to customers. The tracking status showed “package acceptance pending” for all packages, which means they had been accepted by USPS but not yet scanned. 

The seller contacted USPS customer service and the local consumer affairs office, but it took 2.5 weeks for the packages to be scanned at the sorting center. 

The seller believes that the packages were sitting in a bin or delivery vehicle and were not scanned due to negligence or lack of knowledge of scan forms by USPS workers. 

Unfortunately, this seller never found his packages. As we mentioned earlier, it is highly recommended to contact your shipping service customer support, and also the local consumer affairs offices to avoid any issues.

Here are some key points from the story:

  • The tracking status “package acceptance pending” means that the packages have been accepted by the shipping service but have not yet been scanned.
  • It can take several weeks for packages to be scanned at the sorting center.
  • If you are experiencing a similar issue, you should contact your local consumer affairs office + talk to customer support.

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Final Words On Package Acceptance Pending

In the end, If you have a lost package, file a claim with the shipping carrier. They will usually respond within a week. You usually have 60 days from the shipment date to file a claim.

FYI: Keep a record of all communications with the shipping carrier: This will help you to track your claim and also help you manage it with the local consumer affairs office to ensure that your issue is resolved promptly.

Happy shipping! 🙂