What Happens If UPS Loses My Package – Guide To Safeguard Yourself

what happens if UPS loses my package

Everyone gets excited knowing their package is coming today. Overchecking your parcel tracking information to see what’s the next stop in its way – yes, we all have been there!

Between this excitement and eagerness, some part of you is worried about UPS losing your package somewhere along the way. 

This stress factor makes anxiety level hit the roof if the package is costly and close to your heart. 

Although, it is quite rare still to deal with a UPS lost package situation you need to prepare yourself in the future.  

In this blogpost, we’ve designed this guide to navigate the UPS lost package claims process, either finding your package or getting the full refund if the situation completely gets out of their control.

Buckle up, it’s going to be a stepwise read…

Tracking UPS Missing Package Delivery

tracking missing package to know what happens to ups loses my package

As we told you, a package getting lost is rare. But still, they have a system in place to sort it ASAP! They not only compensate you for the items but also your shipping costs!

The first step would be Identifying a lost package based on the status of the package is a good start. If a package is not delivered, and cannot be found, even after 24 hrs from expected delivery, it’s time to file a claim for the package.

FYI: In case of an international package, you must contact the freight company directly.

A claim can only be reported online that has origination and destination within a specific country.

You can also use 3rd party services like “FreightOptics” to conduct a complete investigation and locate a package on your behalf.

They will do the shipping system search and call both the recipient and the shipper. This would be approximately 7-10 business days’ worth of work.

Let’s go through the basics first…

The thing needed to be acknowledged:

  1. You need to wait at least 24 hours after the expected delivery date

  2. A report cannot be made if it’s delayed due to adverse weather

  3. UPS claims take around 10 days to completely investigate

After investigation, you are eligible for a full refund successfully. But again, proof such as photos, receipts, or invoices must be provided during the investigation for the case to be decided in your favor. 

During this process, you’ll be updated about the status through email. You can also check the status at any time using the claims dashboard.

Before you claim, you should ensure you’ve checked all the places your package could have been left, checking with neighbors is also a good idea sometimes, delivery is accepted on your behalf.

Starting A Lost Or Damaged Claims Process

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While claiming your package, you have to choose from 3 different types of claims. So, the first piece of the puzzle is claiming the right option, to begin with.

Below 3 options are explained which makes them to correctly fulfill filed claim relatively simple till the last step of refunding…

1. Lost Package – meaning any UPS packages that haven’t been delivered 24 hours after the expected delivery timeline.

Before you file this claim, double check all over your property and ask neighbors. The sender and receiver have the opportunity to claim.

2. Damaged Package – meaning packages that were received in damaged condition that they were not shipped in. Obviously, you need to have proof of this beforehand.

Even UPS itself encourages senders of these package claims, just to speed up things a little bit.

3. Uncollected COD – If a package is delivered but COD funds were not paid upon delivery the sender has the opportunity to file a claim directly to UPS (They’ll pay the expense).

Now, you know all the basics, let’s see how to claim via UPS…

How To File A Missing Package Claim Via UPS Claims Dashboard

  1. Visit the UPS claims website, login through your UPS account

  2. Fill in the details, including your tracking number and your status

  3. Select which claim you want to file

  4. Upload supporting evidence for your claim, including photos, payment receipt

  5. Submit your claim

You can further read about documentation requirements but in a nutshell, this is all you need to get started.

And if you don’t have any proof, you better start taking pictures of your delivery before you send it. In these situations, proof is essential to win a refund.

Providing requested information in starting will also help you speed things up, the more detailed you become there are more chances the package getting found will increase.

The most common details they request for the lost package include:

  • Tracking and reference numbers

  • The day that the package was shipped and its originating location

  • The expected delivery date, and how long it is overdue

  • A description of the package and a general idea of the contents

  • A general idea of the item value, and the price of shipping paid

Now, it would be smart to provide these above information points while filling a claim. This way, you’ll spend less time searching and chatting with the UPS helpline.

FYI: Don’t wait too long to collect mentioned information as freight & shipping claims must be filed within 60 days of the missing package.

If you want to make this process a lot faster, you can directly visit your local UPS office. You will get the benefit of working directly with UPS employees and customer service agents.

How Long Does The Claim Process Take?

As you just learned, each claim is different. But you can assume that the UPS lost package process will take up to 5-10 days.

You can help to speed up things with more detailed information that has been highlighted above. 

I Received A Damage/Loss Notification Letter From UPS? – Now What?

claims deparment followup and how to fulfill payment form

This is good news. You receive this letter when UPS finishes your filed claim highlighting the conclusion of their investigation including the next steps to get compensated for the lost package.

Digital Way:

The easiest way to do this is simply to sign into your UPS account, go to the claims process dashboard, and follow provided information from your loss notification letter.

Physical Way:

There is also a little physical way for the elderly, you can print out the request payment claim form, and send it back to UPS directly, or you can contact them through the phone – or visit any local UPS office. 

How Will I Get Refunded For My Missing Package?

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The payment is going to be sent in the form of either a paper check or an electronic funds transfer (EFT).

Mostly, people choose the EFT process so that they can have money directly sent into their bank account of choice, but some prefer a physical check mailed to them that they will then deposit.

Basically, a physical check allows having a more proper paper trail that might be necessary later. Again, it is your choice, to do whatever you want to do.

Typically, claim checks are mailed to the shipper’s billing address within 3-5 business days after required documentation.

Insurance Claim? Where Should I Start?

replacement cost and credit card claim payments

Having your items insured makes you qualify for both a missing mail search and an Insurance claim for damaged contents.

2 bird 1 stone situation, isn’t it?

If you haven’t bought any insurance, you will only qualify for a missing mail search. You can even check with the credit card company you used to purchase the item.

Many credit card policies offer free insurance on every purchase, so it is worth finding out what protection benefits may be available for your package.

FYI: Usually there is a value limit on these types of benefits, and it will require a police report.

Filling Missing Package With Other Companies

Again, some of you might be using other courier services like Amazon, FedEx, or USPS. Most of these companies have somewhat similar policies and procedures so, in short, we’ll also cover them in this blogpost.


If you bought the item at Amazon, visit the orders page, and initiate an A-to-z Guarantee refund. Again, there are few requirements, and rules for this process, but generally, it directs customers to the seller (if it isn’t Amazon).

If they don’t respond within 48 hours, Amazon allows for the filing of a claim within 90 days of the purchase.


For FedEx deliveries, go online and follow the below steps:

  1. Visit this file for a claim page

  2. Provide tracking number

  3. Upload additional documentation, check the status  

Typically, FedEx covers up to $100 of the total value of the shipment or the full amount protected. 


  1. First, file an online request a USPS for a missing item search

  2. Submit a missing mail search request

  3. Provide related information, and pictures

When you first file for a missing search, you would ideally have to wait for 7 days, if the package is not found still USPS customers who used priority mail express can request a refund.

And those with insurance can file a claim. But keep in mind, start this process under 60 days from the date of mailing.

Final Words On “What Happens If UPS Losses My Package”

Although items getting lost for good in courier companies is rare nowadays but there are several options to get fully compensated for the loss of the parcel.

If you have the necessary proof as evidence while tailoring a claim is going to give you around a 90+ success rate for sure!

This is also a headsup for those who let evidence loose. Taking parcel photos, keeping eye on tracking information, and paying item insurance is good step while shipping is a good safety.

You can also go a little further by buying items through credit cards which provides free insurance claim to some extent.

One way or other you will be on the safer side with at least 40% of money return surety. But mostly, contacting the retailer or the courier company with basic info would do the job.

Hope you learned something new and help you recover UPS’s lost package. Subscribe to our weekly newsletter for more premium updates about 101 courier tips you never knew!