What Is a Parcel Locker? Ultimate Answer to Package Theft

Missed deliveries; The hassle to pick it up from the courier center, the constant worry of porch pirates, Inconvenient delivery hours, cost, and parcel size restrictions are the real elephant in the room considered the part of “revolutionized package delivery” system.

The solution to all of the above worries is yet another service called “Parcel Locker”.

Yeah, sounds weird that a solution to a problem is another service… But there’s a lot that meets the eye.

In today’s blog post, we’ll clear your all but and ifs about what is a parcel locker, and how can you use it to leverage for your benefit.

What Is a Parcel Locker
What Is a Parcel Locker

What Is A Parcel Locker, And How Does It Work?

Parcel locker delivery systems have been here for quite some time, as they offer safe, reliable, and contactless parcel pickup. Before the epidemic, it was widely used by businesses.

Now, let’s know the parcel locker meaning…

A parcel locker is a secure delivery box that was mainly built to receive bigger packages. This service is best suited for packages that don’t fit into standard mailboxes.

On service signup, you’ll get a key placed in your mailbox to access your package. If no key was left, reach out to your post office. This is for old lockers…

Because of these lockers, there’s no need for multiple delivery attempts, shippers can leave valuables in a parcel locker, where they’ll be held for the recipient to collect. And you don’t need personal receipts or a sign for a package!

Who Uses Parcel Lockers?

These locker has many types and is used by multifamily apartments, residential houses, and university.

Nowadays, another latest version called “smart lockers” is on the rise, upon getting a package, you receive a QR code, and you let it scan by the locker to get the package.

How Do Parcel Lockers Work? (5 Steps)

  1. The delivery man will unlock the locker and place the package in it.
  1. Parcel lockers have either a keypad, key, QR code or barcode scanner. The delivery person must enter the code or scan the package to access the locker.
  1. After placing the package in the locker, the delivery person will choose who should receive it.
  1. The recipient is automatically notified via text or email.
  1. The recipient will enter the code or pin to open the locker and retrieve the package.

But What About X Parcel Locker Provider?

You might be thinking but “what is a USPS parcel locker”, or how does x parcel locker provider work? At the end of the day, every provider will have a different name but still work the same under the hood.

Choose what suits your needs better.

Parcel Locker

How Secure Are Parcel Lockers?

Despite being unmanned, lockers feature strong locks and sturdy design. The doors are tamper-proof. Most lockers are equipped with CCTV camera monitoring.

On top of that, you’ve to know the access method, it can be a card, key, PIN code, biometric, or QR code.

Because of video surveillance, it will alert the customer via their phone if any suspicious activity is detected.

At least, a random porch Karen won’t be able to take away your long awaited valuable that easily!

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How Much Do Parcel Lockers Cost?

The good thing is almost all of the major shipping companies provide parcel lockers service for free for local users!

But, still, there are 2 catches in *free service.

  1. You’ve to check out if this service is even available in your area. You can do it by visiting the shipping company’s website (DHL, USPS, etc.) and know it via your postal code.
  1. Each company has a different number of days holding period for free. We’ve summarized the rules for the top five mail carriers below:
Locker ServiceFree Storage Allowance*Price
USPS Gopost15 working daysFree
UPS Access Point7 working daysFree
DHL Lockers7 working daysFree
FedEx Ship&Get5 working daysFree
Amazon Lockers3 working daysFree

There is another catch that you would like to know that shouldn’t be a problem but…

Can I Receive Parcels From Any Carrier Or Only Specific Ones Through The Parcel Locker Service?

Honestly, It depends on the parcel locker service provider. Some providers only allow deliveries from specific carriers, Take Amazon Lockers, they only allow deliveries from Amazon.

But still, here are some common locker service providers and the carriers they support:

  • InPost: Yodel Direct, Evri, Collect+, DPD, Parcelforce, FedEx, UPS
  • Amazon Locker: Amazon
  • UPS Access Point: UPS, FedEx, DHL, USPS
  • FedEx ShipSmart: FedEx, USPS
  • DHL ParcelShop: DHL

Some parcel locker providers may have additional restrictions, like a limit on the number of packages that can be delivered to a single locker.

So, while signing up, keep in mind the carriers’ support that you might regret later…

What Are The Size Or Weight Limit For The Packages?

Again, kind of a bummer but the size and weight limits for packages on parcel lockers vary depending on the provider.

Here are some maximum dimensions, and weight limitations for each company:

  • InPost: 8cm x 38cm x 64cm and weight of 25kg.
  • Amazon Locker: 42cm x 35cm x 38cm and weight of 35kg.
  • UPS Access Point: 62cm x 41cm x 38cm and weight of 70kg.
  • FedEx ShipSmart: 60cm x 40cm x 30cm and a weight of 50kg.
  • DHL ParcelShop: 40cm x 30cm x 25cm and a weight of 25kg.

Above mentioned limitations are of the service provider and not the parcel locker so, you still have to check the size and weight limits for the specific parcel locker before shipping to avoid any surprises.

Are Parcel Lockers Available In My Area? (Find The Nearest One)

First of all, check with your carrier. They’ll let you know if any parcel lockers are available in your area. You can usually do this by logging into your account and contacting customer service.

Another way is to use a parcel locker locator, almost all common shipping companies provide locators to help you find lockers in your area.

Some popular options include:

  1.  InPost Locker Finder
  2.  UPS Access Point Locator
  3.  FedEx ShipSmart Locator
  4.  DHL ParcelShop Locator

These above web page links allow you to search for the nearest parcel lockers in your area by entering your zip code or address.

Another way would be to ask your local businesses, such as grocery stores, pharmacies, and convenience stores also offer parcel locker services. Asking the staff for the parcel lockers’ availability might help.

How To Sign Up For A Parcel Locker Service?

  1. You choose a parcel locker provider. Factors that need to be considered are already listed above.
  1. Once you have an account, simple as creating a Facebook account. Link your carrier accounts to be able to receive deliveries from multiple carriers to your parcel locker account. This usually involves providing your carrier’s account number and password.
  2. Once you’ve linked your carrier accounts and found a locker near you, you’re ready to start using it. When you order a package from a supported carrier, you can select the parcel locker as your delivery destination. The carrier will then deliver your package to the locker and you’ll be notified when it arrives.

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Final Words

The parcel lockers model not only benefits the carrier itself but also the business and individuals who want to secure their packages for their recipients.

Shipping issues are minimized, tons of time is saved, and costs are reduced when the delivery process is centralized with lockers.

Anyone can use this untapped potential of secure and flexible deliveries that are redefining the way we receive packages.

Next time you anxiously await a delivery, remember the Parcel Locker’s promise of seamless, secure, and accessible packages – a delivery solution that’s right at your fingertips.