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Are you worried about your package coming from XPO? Well, stop worrying and paste your tracking code for XPO Tracking. The system will let you know your delivery status after processing for a few seconds. 

All About XPO Tracking

XPO is a leading innovative transportation solutions provider. It deals with the most demanding supply chains globally. It is partnered with the blue-chip companies within the larger industry. With its focus only on freight transportation, it’s facilitating the major organizations internationally. 

Global Presence of XPO

With the quality of services, it offers, it’s enjoying a considerable position with its global networks. Its located in over 756 locations with approximately 42,000 employees working with them.

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Moreover, their well-trained and efficient shippers are always on the lead to make the goods flow smoothly. They have a high integration and involvement of technology in their operations to keep up with the market competition. 

Values of the Company

Every company is defined by the values it has, and so is XPO. At XPO, they believe that their competitive advantage is the people they work with. They support and grant their employees opportunities to grow and to achieve their personal goals linked with the company’s success. 

The company strives to provide a safe and healthy environment to its workers. Furthermore, it continuously works to add more improvement and safety in the operations being run. When the workplace environment is ideally healthy and growing, every person works to achieve its maximum potential. 

xpo tracking

Furthermore, XPO also works closely to improve its operations. It ensures the quality is maintained at every level, from trucking to warehouses to data centers. Technological advancement at XPO is the backbone of their organization. 

With the ground-breaking and highly advanced technologies, they are winning the game in freight transportation. The smooth and uninterrupted operations they perform is the quality of the company it’s recognized for. 

Technologies used by XPO

XPO is highly recognized for the efficient and smart use of technologies it does to fulfill its operations. Their technologies add breath to how goods are transported. With that advanced and high-end technological advancement:

  • The company has increased visibility and control over its operations. It’s easy for the shippers and the carriers and drivers to gain more efficiency to offer reliability. With real-time visibility and shipment tracking, XPO gains more control and power over its services. 
  • XPO is able to implement the first-ever digital freight marketplace that uses resources from the cloud. In addition, the processes become more transparent with the current insights to carrier profile, weather situation and to spot market rates. 
  • It’s successful in integrating data science into operations. With this combination of machine learning and artificial intelligence, they are able to leverage a large number of data points recorded by their app, TMS, telematics to make optimal decisions. 

A lot of XPO’s customers and carriers keep their own TMS systems that make it easy for them to get connected to the company’s system through API, EDI, and web.  Their open APIs are developed with the best-practice REST principles as XPO Connect™ to facilitate external systems as well. 

How Can I become XPO’s Partner?

You can also become one of the investors of XPO. To get the details about the investment, you can visit their official website to see multiple investment packages that the company has to offer. They have an investment calculator integrated on the website to make the calculations easier for you. 

Services Offered By XPO

When dealing with XPO, you don’t need to be worried about the quality and efficiency of the services they offer. Whether you want transportation facilities for individuals or for your business, you can always rely on XPO to get it done right.

XPO’s Digital Freight Marketplace 

XPO Connect™ is a cloud-based digital platform that offers high visibility and is powered by TMS. It makes use of machine learning to get a maximum sourcing capacity. With that, shippers also get the option of comparing market rates, carriers get a facility to make communication with the Drive XPO™ driver app. 

Full Truckload Capacity

The network relationship at XPO has over 85,000 FTL carriers. It is a reliable source for the equipment and drivers during strict market conditions. They have strict processes to observe the ratings of carrier safety, operating authorities, and insurance qualifications. 

Moreover, electronic scorecards are generated with their rating engine that supports the selection process. 

Less-than-Truckload Capacity

XPO provides effortless ways to manage, book, and quote for less-than-truckload shipments. It adds flexibility to brokered solutions eliminating the hassle of communicating with multiple partners. Their award-winning transportation solutions are the ultimate way to get a convenient and controlled service. With these managed tasks, you ultimately save a lot of time. 

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International and Domestic Deliveries

It caters to a large number of audiences fulfilling both domestic and international shipping needs. When forwarding the freight internationally, there are no hard and fast custom clearance rules. But you need to be careful when setting your package for deliveries. The items that don’t meet the shipping criteria aren’t entertained at XPO. 

When it comes to domestic shipment, the company has domestic market experts who are working to meet the needs of hundreds of hubs within North America. They are always up to serving you in a better way for providing custom solutions. 

Warehouse Management at XPO

XPO logistics possesses a large area of a total of 291,120 square feet that is used for warehousing. Its spread across 11 cities of North America. In the warehouses, they accommodate the users for multiple features like hazmat handling and FDA-certified food storage as well. 

Expedite Services

With the experience of over 30 years, XPO is recognized as one of the leading expedite managers to provide cross-border and domestic shipment solutions. It lacks nowhere in offering high quality and dependable facilities. 

Ground Transportation Services

When you give notice for your load, XPO shortly will save the optimal equipment as per your needs. You have to convey your freight’s weight, dimensions, and other required details required for special handlings. The company then arranges the right type of vehicle for the pickup. 

They have an expanded number of assets in their network like cargo vans, straight trucks, sprinters, tractor-trailers to serve you in a better way. They also have some other specialized services within the category of ground and air freight. 

The air solutions

In case you want a service that’s quick and works without considerable delays, air shipping is the facility that you need. It offers you some optimal solutions to cater you well with your needs. Along with door-to-door services for both air and ground services, they also provide hand-carry shipments and passenger charters. 

What does LTL do?

  • It quickly and directly connects to the chain of LTL carriers
  • Provides access to fast and reliable online booking and quoting
  • Easy tracking and management of LTL shipments on just one sign-on
  • The facility of downloading the documents from anywhere and anytime
  • Offers detailed customizable reports to meet your businesses goals and KPIs
  • Links you with an account representative for better communication

XPO Tracking 

XPO has extended its LTL service coverage to most of the North American states including Hawaii and Alaska as well. It covers almost about 99% of the US postal codes. It has a strong bond for the movement between Puerto Rico, Mexico, and Canada. 

Furthermore, the LTL services extend to Western Europe as well. They also facilitate the customers from international markets. You can easily track and trace your freights regardless of the region or country it is to be delivered to. The well-grounded and efficient XPO tracking will offer you a transparent shipment throughout every stage. 

Why Choose XPO Freight?

XPO is a wide chain of active carriers having more than a million trucks efficiently performing transportation tasks. XPO Connect™ is one of the renowned and fastest-growing digital brokerage networks in the courier industry. 

They have well-trained and competent staff that’s working closely to achieve the company’s goal. The healthy and supportive work environment, they get, keeps them motivated and high in spirits to meet the needs of their loyal customers. They show high adaptability towards the changing needs of the market. That is the attribute that keeps their morale sky-high.

XPO Tracking Number Format

When you ship through Conway, you’ll receive a confirmation email along with a system-generated copy of your Waybill. There are multiple numbers like a PRO number, Pickup request, Purchase order (PO) number, Shipper’s number, Customs Bond Number (7512), and a customer reference number. 

All of these numbers can be used to know your shipment status. Ou can use them alternatively as per your need. 

About Conway XPO Tracking

Con-way truckload became a part of the Canadian Transforce company back in the year 2016. It is partnered with other subsidiaries to operate throughout the USA and Canada. It working on the guidelines provided by Warren Buffet to generate yearly revenue of $3 billion. Their main focus is on trucking, less-than-trucking (LTL), package, and courier transfer. 

It’s also providing dry-van services using trailers and haul tractors for transportation. The company is now highly renowned for offering a truck facility that delivers efficiently and on time. 

Available Services at Con-Way

Full truckload

The company’s full truckload is one of the best and reliable services that you can find out there in the market. At very competitive prices, they have introduced more than a quality service to meet the users’ needs. A Conway, they take care of your freights and ensure safe and sound deliveries. 

The Warehousing

As it covers almost all the strategic locations in Canada, so in order to meet the safety and delivery needs, their warehouses are established at multiple locations. There, the consignments and freights are stored with great care and caution. 

xpo tracking

Less-Than-Truckload Facility

Conway also deals with less-than-truckload service. It transfers your consignments at the most effective costs with ensuring the transportation is damage-free and is handled with attentiveness to transfer them for the full-truckload consignments. 

The Dry Van Service

For the decayable products, the dry-van service caters to the needs of the customers. It handles the intricate goods with care to keep them under the appropriate condition and temperature to be delivered guardedly. 

Con-Way XPO Tracking

In order to track and trace your Conway freights, you need to have a reference or a PRO number. If you have got it, you can track up to 35 deliveries at a time. You can also give a visit to their official website to fulfill your needs to track. 

Tracking Without the XPO tracking Number

If you haven’t received your Conway XPO tracking number or in case it isn’t working, you can use some other alternative methods to get your job done conveniently. XPO tracking is an easy and quick way to have an insight into your deliveries to schedule the receivings during your busy routine. XPO has got you covered in all the ways with its advanced technologies. 

Can I do Conway tracking with an email?

If you find any issue tracking your consignment by tracking number, you can also send an email to the support team. They will provide you with details about your shipment shortly. All you need to do is to mention all the valid details related to your shipment in the email. 

What does the XPO tracking do?

After making the deliveries, a lot of people cannot wait for the consignment to reach its destination. When you get a service that offers transparency in its services and keeps you linked to your belongings throughout the process, is more acceptable. 

On the other hand, it helps the company to add more credibility to its operations as well. It can enjoy the benefits like:

  • High speed and scalability:  

The company will need no extra resources to manage and deliver the cargo efficiently. With an effective tracking system, it will be able to manage a large number of deliveries without having any need of covering any extra miles. 

  • Increased Visibility:

When the processes are well organized and the company shows a strong presence on multiple platforms, customers take into account their services and feel more comfortable dealing with them. Also, their customer support tools are of great help in developing a strong bond between the company and its users. 

  • Diverse Solutions

XPO facilitates its users with a wide range of solutions. It not only caters the businesses in a better way. You can not only minimize the costs of business operations by making use of XPO virtual tools. Its multiple supply chain services integrated with highly advanced technology are always on the lead whenever you compare it to the market. 

How can I start tracking as a Registered User?

XPO offers high various tracking procedures. The portal users get a lot of options through which they can start tracking their shipments. As a registered user, you can start tracking your consignments through the following ways:

  • Using PRO number
  • Customer reference number
  • Purchase order number
  • Pickup request confirmation number
  • Shipper’s number
  • Customs bond number

Mail tracking Experience With XPO parcel Monitoring

With their CRM mail feature, tracking is now more hassle-free and easy. When you visit the website, you see the tracking features that you can activate to get notified throughout. No matter what type of service you’ve chosen to send your package, be it airmail, express service, post office, they are ready to keep you updated in all cases. 


How to track XPO shipment?

To track and trace your XPO shipment you can visit the official XPO site to get started with it. There are various other websites are also available that support trackers for XPO tracking. You can use your 9 digits PRO number to make a connection to your shipment. It’s an easy and quick method used to know the location of your package. 

How to track your package with XPO logistics?

When you visit the XPO logistics site as a registered user, you have the option to get the tracking job done using several ways. You can use a PRO number, shipper’s number, customs bond number, pickup request confirmation number, customer reference number, and a pickup request confirmation number to track your package.

Where is XPO tracking number?

When you make shipments with XPO, you’ll get a PRO code on your registered email address. It’s a nine digits code that you can use to know the status of your shipment throughout the delivery process. 

XPO Contact Details 

In case you find any issues while tracking your freight, package, or consignment, you can call directly to their customer support department. Their active and trained staff is always there to assist you regarding your queries. 


To contact your local XPO Logistics Less-Than-Truckload service center for all product and service-related requests, please

call 800-755-2728 or send an email to [email protected] 


To contact XPO Logistics Truckload, please call 800-641-4747.

Supply Chain:

To contact XPO Logistics Supply Chain, please send an email to [email protected].

Freight Brokerage:

To contact XPO Logistics Freight Brokerage, please call:

Ann Arbor, MI: 800-763-2222
Bentonville, AR: 855-298-9338
Dallas, TX: 866-592-3055
Portland, OR: 866-229-2900