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Overview of YRC

YRC is the original LTL expert that plans on gaining its leadership position back. They plan on doing so by providing flexible and reliable delivery to their customers’ supply chain throughout North America. YRC is a representation of yellow transportation, founded in Oklahoma in 1924, merged with Roadway, founded in Ohio in 1930.

Among many subsidiaries of Yellow, YRC freight is one of the largest that has corporate headquarters in Overland Park, Kan. Industrial, commercial, and retail goods are some of the categories that YRC is a transporter of. YRC specializes in providing solutions for businesses throughout North America by using the full-service network, advanced technologies, and customer service.

History of YRC

YRC Freights originated in 1924 in Oklahoma when A.J. Harrell founded a bus and taxi service named Yellow Cab Transit Co. which later became Yellow Cab Co. On the other hand, in Akron, Ohio, there were two brothers Galen and Carroll Roush that established Roadway express in 1930.

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Roadway was successful from the very start due to the successful approach that the founders had. They always kept up with the commitments and in case there were no trucks available, one of the founders would personally rent a truck and deliver the products personally. This is something which is not found in companies usually. Unlike other companies, the founders of Roadway were personally involved in the shipment thus, ensuring everything is perfect and on time.

In 1952, Reimer from Manitoba founded Reimer Express with the help of his father. Reimer Express had a route that covered areas between Winnipeg and Windsor, Ontario. Very few companies offer east-west traffic in Canada and Reimer Express was one of them. Customers appreciated the fast service, Reimer’s focus on customer satisfaction, and their determination in providing value to its customers.

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After a few years, Yellow and roadway were the two leading companies in the United States whereas, Reimer Express became the largest common carrier in Canada. In 1997, Roadway acquired Reimer Express, which served as a cross border gateway and further improved services from Canada to Mexico.

In 2003, all the three companies, Roadway, Yellow, and Reimer Express, came under a common banner of Yellow Roadway Corp. All these three companies were independent and strong in the marketplace, but their back offices are combined. In 2009, all the three companies were brought together under the YRC Inc. banner.

In 2012, the name of YRC Inc. was changed to YRC Freight. This rebranding made people focus on their core business, helping less than truckload shippers throughout North America increasing the dependance and reliance on their supply chains.

“It’s the ideal moment to restore the Yellow Corporation name and refresh the holding company’s image as we complete our transition into a super-regional, LTL freight carrier,” said Darren Hawkins, Chief Executive Officer. Our clients and workers were ecstatic when we unveiled our rebranding intentions. The Yellow brand is associated with the LTL sector, and we are happy to carry on its long tradition of services with one of America’s Largest and most extensive transportation and LTL networks.

The primary enablers of our corporate business transformation, which is to create a better customer experience underneath one Yellow brand, are moving to one Yellow software system and developing one Yellow network.”

The company also released its fourth-quarter and full-year results for the period ending December 31, 2020. Operating sales was $1.165 billion in the fourth quarter of 2020, with operating profitability of $13.7 million. In the fourth quarter of 2019, operating profit was $1.160 billion, with net revenue of $9.8 million, including a $10.1 million net benefit on asset dispositions.

In 2019, it was decided that YRC Reimer will work under the YRC Freight brand. No other changes were to be made except the brand name I order to simplify the market strategy and get everything under one umbrella. Cross border and intra-Canada are known as YRC Freight. Similarly, North American customers are served as usual under the YRC Freight brand.

It was due to the early dedication on the founders that has made YRC Freight reach heights and achieve success. This success is not only of the company but of thousands of customers.

Values and Vision of YRC Freight

YRC is a company with a workforce of almost 20000+ employees and their objectives are to create a vision for the employees to get them motivated. YRC has several core values: safety first is to protect the drivers involved in transportation of goods, people because it’s the people that drive the company towards success.

Secondly, respect is an important value amongst the YRC community. They believe that respect given is equal to respect taken, so they treat their employees as a family. Integrity as YRC believes, is very important and to do the right thing no matter what the repercussions of it, one needs to work hard. YRC is relentless to do whatever that might be required to meet their customers’ expectations.

YRC Freight’s vision is to be the carrier that most people choose, deliver world-class safety with the employees that are respected along with the brand.


YRC Freight can provide seamless transportation across Canada, Mexico, and the United States of America. This also includes Domestic Ocean service of YRC that is available throughout Alaska, Hawaii, Guam, U.S. Virgin Islands, and Puerto Rico.

YRC connects key markets by providing reliable two-day, three-day, and coast to coast services. YRC freight time critical ensures that ground or air deliveries are expedited and guaranteed. They make sure that deliveries are made within the time window that the customer wants.

It could be any hour of the day that you want your order to be delivered and YRC will make that possible no matter how difficult the delivery is or how complex the logistics for it is. There are dedicated and talented shipment coordinators that look after the entire shipment process to make sure the packages are delivered in time no matter how short the notice is.

Integration of Information technology

For customers to manage the entire transportation process, YRC provides with technologies such as web-based applications and electronic data interchange. YRC is one of the first transportation provider that has combined cellular and satellite technologies so that they can send real time data of the delivery along with pickup and delivery routes to its customers. Making appropriate use of modern world tech, this company is really reaching heights and setting the bars high for all other competitors.

National truck driving Championships (NTDC)

In the 2019 National Truck Driving Championship (NTDC), 21 of the professional drivers from YRC Worldwide Inc. took part. This team included 16 drivers from YRC freight, 2 from holland, and 3 from Reddaway.

They were supposed to compete against over 430 of the nation’s professional drivers in a variety of challenges and competitions. To qualify for NTDC, drivers have to go through a rigorous process. They need to attend top honors class in their respective state competitions, maintain employment in a motor carrier fleet for almost year, and stay accident free for one year before the NTDC.

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The National truck Driving Championship brings the best professional drivers, dedicated safety professionals, and their families together for a week filled with pride, comradery, safety superiority, and enhanced knowledge. Most of the drivers that attend it say that it is one of the best highlights of their career.

It is an honor for YRC freight as 21 of their drivers qualified for this competition, which is more than any other transportation service’s drivers. This tells a lot about the drivers at YRC. They are dedicated, hardworking, and skilled. They have gone through vigilant processes and trainings from experts which qualifies them for competitions on an international level.

Awards Gained By YRC

Keeping in mind the outstanding services that YRC has been providing since several years, their drivers or employees have been appreciated for it. To acknowledge the efforts put in by YRC Freights they have received multiple awards from the transport community.

YRC Freight has a combined 160 years of experience moving freight from one place to another within North America, Mexico, and many more regions. Moreover, YRC Freight has a total of more than 58000 transportation professionals that are there to ensure easy and timely handling of deliveries from one place to another.

YRC Freight has received various awards such as the 3-million-mile drive award which has been given to many professional drivers of YRC Freight for driving safely for 3 million miles. A 1 million drive award was given to some drivers for safely driving for 1 million miles without meeting an accident. Moreover, Women in trucking award for being one of the few transportation companies where it is feasible for women to work. Several other awards have also been given to this company to acknowledge the efforts of the business as well as the drivers working at YRC Freight.

Services Offered by YRC Freight

If you’re looking for a company which will make sure your goods are delivered right on the exact time you need, you have come to the right place with YRC freight. Not only do they have a huge number of services to offer, they also provide timely delivery and excellent customer experience to make you want to keep coming back.

Service options

Within their huge range of services available, there are several options to choose from. The first of many options that you will require help choosing is which service is ideal for you, depending on your delivery time. For this purpose, you have four service options.

These options include standard, accelerated, time-critical and regional next-day. Now we will look at the specifics of each of these service options, thus, to give you a better idea of what might work for you.  Firstly, in the standard option your order will reach your required collector in the usual or standard delivery time without any hassle. This will mean that your order will be easily shipped anywhere and everywhere if it is within the boundaries of United States, Mexico or Canada thus ensuring great coverage. Also, there is absolutely no doubt about the fact that when ordering from YRC, security is the number one priority.

The second option for service is the accelerated option, which is for deliveries which need to be done on a much quicker basis. When using the accelerated service, you can deliver quicker, faster and build a reliable network all in one. Also, with better time management YRC makes sure that coverage does not become an issue, thus delivering same extensive coverage anywhere in North America, Mexico, and Canada.  

The third option is of the Time Critical service, which is to be used when the error of margin is to be zero, whether its timewise or logistics wise. The network of coordinators which is extensively spread makes sure that your work is done without any issue and manage the special deliveries from start till the finish, only ensuring the best in every way while also sometimes delivering within an hour. To ensure promises that are made in the time critical service, air, and ground support both will be utilized which further makes sure that your order is delivered any way possible.

Last but not the least, the eventual service option is of regional next-day services. This service is there to ensure that you can deliver as quickly as possible in the key areas of the US, which currently include Texas, Mid-south and Mid-Atlantic. This service is great for lower costs and for less held inventory, while also great when you need minimal error while parcel delivering.  

With so many service options, there is something for every supplier thus making the delivery process seem much easier and convenient without making it a hurdle for either party on the receiving and sending end.

Coverage at YRC

Once you have got the service option handled and have made the correct choice about which choice is the most optimal for you, the next thing you need to look at is the wide range of coverage that YRC freight offers, and which are the regions they cover while delivering.

Well, to be precise they cover a wide range of areas where products can be delivered, and we will be looking at those areas in detail. One of the first areas that we have fully under our control is that of North America, where our extensive network of more than 250 service centers ensures that your work is done in the best way possible.

This also means more connectivity in your supply chains and even simplified ways of getting things sent across. Also, another thing which makes YRC freight stands out are their drivers and equipment which are always fully trained and top-notch, which makes your shipments reach to your required location in absolutely no time.

In some cases, the freight might need to be shipped across perhaps to Alaska, Hawaii or even Puerto Rico. For getting domestic freight delivered with ease, YRC freight provides you with the best dock-to-door service available, by transforming domestic ocean logistics into an integrated solution.

Alongside that, YRC Freight also deliver across Mexico which is surely one of the many things that set them apart. They have representatives which are bilingual and make the process all the smoother, which is crucial for deliveries across borders.

With faster deliveries and fewer hassles, delivering goods across countries does not really seem like a big deal. Another country where YRC freight ships to and from is Canada which is again a great service and an excellent country since several traders are common in US and Canada.

The team at YRC manages thousands of shipments between the two countries, making the border crossing efficient and painless. Some features which are again a great help while shipping in Canada is the fact that there are 20 terminals for YRC freight in Canada whole 0 percent hassles and more than 50 border exports to ensure your shipment reaches timely and smoothly, without any discrepancy.

With so many areas that are under the coverage criteria of YRC freight, it almost makes no sense if one does not order through them for their basic shipment needs, since they are definitely at the best of their game in delivering freight.  

Yellow Logistics

Another feature and service which is provided by YRC freight is their excellent yellow logistics service which is essentially there to make your life a lot easier by several sub services. These include services like truckload direct, intermodal service and also residential district alongside several more.

Their truckload direct service is to make sure that you get exactly what you need; a full truckload. This means you will get your required capacity truck at a price better than the rest. This also ensures you will get access to several thousands of carriers along with full visibility and an extensive network to provide you with the best option available for you in your required budget.

Their intermodal service offers door-to-door and port-to-door services for clients with dry and refrigerated containers if needed. This service helps in reducing costs effectively and makes sure that one has complete authority over their shipment by constant GPS tracking. The intermodal service enables reaching more markets in an easier way by also promoting the spirit of giving back to the society.

Residential district service offered by YRC freight is another service to get larger parcels from one’s warehouse to a customer’s doorstep in no time. This service is highly useful and can be done according to the customers convenience and flexibility. Alongside that, there is also the service of engineered solutions available within yellow logistics which ensures your farewell to supply chain interruptions and makes sure you have a customized solution for whatever the issue might be.

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The engineered solution feature gives you accountability that your shipping project will never be a failure and deliver you the best of the results. With yellow logistics being such a key component of the entire freight process, one cannot deny its importance and the fact that these services are offered by YRC freight is what make them all the better for us, thus ensuring the best shipment freight delivery one could offer.

Exhibits and Trade Shows

Alongside so many services that YRC freight offers, it also provides services for exhibit and trade shows which essentially are the services one needs to ship their trade show booths. To offer this service with perfection, YRC offers booths in all sizes and every customization making sure your exhibit is always a hit.

Likewise, it also offers several retail, government and even hazardous material services which make sure that shipments are done accordingly and immaculately, thus removing the need to go to any other freight company to fulfill your needs.

YRC freight also delivers additional solutions, which are services outside the freight business but equally important and crucial, which include services like white glove, custom projects and specialized freight services.

These services are what make YRC not just a freight company, but a company which is willing to constantly bring newer and better services for the benefit of their clients, making them one of the best companies to go to for all your shipping needs. With so many services right on your fingertips, there is no doubt YRC is the optimal choice for you.

Community Services by YRC Freight

YRC Freight is ingrained in the daily lives of towns large and small across North America and beyond. When they grab consumer goods, transport them over the highway, and return them, they are executing their tasks.

When they return to a particular address on a regular basis, however, the people who live there often acquire their friends.  YRC Freight cares about the communities in which it operates in big and small ways, from corporate backing for national organizations to small groups of volunteers helping out in local neighborhoods.

YRC Tracking

YRC is one of the finest companies to go to when one needs to order shipments, regardless of whether it’s a full truckload or intermodal services since it provides the best delivery at the most affordable prices making sure there is something for everyone with the best quality.

When one delivers such large amounts of shipments, they need a lot more clarity about when their order might exactly reach their doorsteps for which the best way is to be able to track your respective orders.

This can also be highly useful for huge shipments as it can allow one to schedule deliveries earlier on. Tracking can also be effective to decide which service option will be the best and assist the users accordingly.

YRC Trucking Tracking

YRC tracking services are essential for tracking shipments and are extremely important because they guide the consumers in scheduling shipments. It is important to note that YRC can be done by several ways. These include tracking by the PR number, Bill of Lading number, PO number, Booking number and even the load number.

With so many numbers being provided, each for their orders and the type of shipment type you have chosen, tracking becomes much more accessible and easier and seems more like an activity you enjoy than a chore. We will be seeing how tracking can be done differently for the numbers and how will you be receiving the following numbers, as well as how can you track differently for each number.

Firstly, tracking can be done by the PRO number. To elaborate, the PRO number is a number which is used by the carriers of the shipment to organize and keep track of every order and parcel received and is also known as the progressive rotating number. PRO numbers are frequently used for tracking and are highly useful. PRO numbers are assigned by the carrier of the shipment and thus simplify the tracking process.

Once you have been provided the PRO number by YRC Freight, the next step is to simply open the tab with tracking and select the PRO number option to track your order almost instantaneously.  Alongside this, one can also use the bill of lading numbers to track their order.

When using bill of lading number, there is a specific format to be utilized for it. The format for the bill of lading number is ‘XXXX123456789’.  The bill of lading number is further provided for moving shipment and acts as a receipt between the person who is carrying the freight and the shipper. This is also known as the legal document which binds the whole transport procedure and simplifies it.

Once given the bill of lading number, you can easily open the website, open the tab with Bill of lading option and enter your respective number to track your order simply to be done by YRC trucking tracking.

Another way to track your order is by using the PO number, which is also called the purchase order number. This method is highly used to track the order and is thus one of the easiest ways to track your order. To get the PO number, YRC freight will give you a particular PO number when you place a shipment.

To track your order which has been placed already, you can simply open the tracking tab and further press the PO number tab to track your order. Tracking through PO order makes the whole process more transparent and can ensure that the buyer be paid appropriately and timely.

You can also track your order by using the booking number which is the number provided to you at the time you book your shipment. This number is provided to the user on a prior notice and is used at the time of tracking the order.

To track the order, you can access the tab for tracking and further click the booking number option to rack the order. By tracking through the booking number, your order can be estimated accordingly and smoothens out the delivery procedure by YRC trucking tracking.

The load number is also one way to track the order details which can be used while tracking through the website. After clicking the tab for tracking, you simply need to press the tab for load number. Essentially, the load number is a number which is given to a shipments load and specifies the accurate representation of the load carried, thus making it easier to track the order by the loading number.

Many people also question about weekend deliveries by YRC Freight. YRC Freight provides a continuous service, allowing consumers to enjoy their getaways while their cargo is transported safely by competent and dedicated drivers.

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Your Thursday or Friday deliveries will stay operational on their route to their target on Saturday or Sunday, ensuring a safe arrival on Monday, thanks to the Time-Critical service. You also will have access to a tracking service utilizing your YRC Freight tracking information for added convenience.

Cost For YRC Shipping

You must login before requesting a quote from this company if you wish to ship with them. Go to the section “Dimensional Freight Quote.” Complete the form with the shipment’s initial and final information, as well as the pickup time, city or country, and features. The next step is choosing a type of product or service and run the calculations necessary to determine YRC Freight shipping costs.

YRC Freight Tracking

The above-mentioned ways are used to track the order through the YRC freight tracking. The PR number, Bill of Lading number, PO number, booking number and the load number are used to determine when the delivery will be made and thus assist the user in making timely deliveries, ensuring a smooth delivery process simply by YRC trucking tracking.

Furthermore, alongside tracking there are several other things which one can do other than tracking their order. One of the first things you can access other than the tracking of shipments, one gets exposure to a shipment calendar. This shows in a calendarial form when your order might be delivered and thus accurately shows the estimated delivery time.

You can also view a list of the current and recent shipments which are available. The current shipments show a list of all the present shipments which are available while the recent shipments show all the deliveries which might be done earlier on. This gives one a good summary of all the shipments order which are to be made and have previously been made, thus giving traders and buyers giving a good grip over the delivery procedure.

The shipment history is also provided to the users who are required, thus making sure you are aware about the past, present, and future shipments. The tracking procedure is much simplified by YRC freights tracking tab and ensures you get everything done, within your fingertips.

yrc pro tracking

To utilize the website’s security capabilities, you must first register. my.yrc.com is your one-stop shop for online shipping complete visibility, with an at-a-glance schedule of your shipping activities, templates for additional customization, and settings for easier data entry.

If you have a query regarding your cargo, you can look up contact details for your terminal by entering a ZIP or postal code or selecting a state or province. You also can choose one of the following alert options to get emailed updates for your delivery:

  • When there is a change in status. This is the option with the most features.
  • Only when your shipment gets delayed
  • Only when a product is delivered 
  • Only in the event of a delivery exception

Process to Connect with YRC Freight

You will be able to obtain answers to any queries you may have about a certain service or procedure through the comprehensive YRC Freight customer service in a very short period and through easy steps. The firm has an English and Spanish-language interactive voice technology. The system will respond quickly if you call specific digits or recite a specific phrase, such as the ones we’ve provided below.

  • You can access the pick-up solutions by dialing 1 or saying, “pick up.”
  • You can access the tracking system by dialing 2 or saying, “track a shipment,” but you’ll need your YRC Freight tracking number.
  • You can acquire a quote by dialing 3 or saying “quote.”
  • You can reach the Time-Critical service by dialing 4 or saying, “assured or expedited.”
  • Other options can be accessed by dialing 5 or saying, “additional options.”

Concluding YRC Pro Tracking

YRC Freight is the most trustworthy and organized shipping company in the United States that you can rely with your exports to Mexico and Canada, with an effective and comprehensive network of land and air transportation. Think large and call YRC Freight Yellow today, if you want to begin sending big and spread a smile on your loved ones faces.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to Track YRC freight?

YRC Freight offers an efficient tracking system for its customers. All the procedures are clearly outlined on their website. To locate your shipment, simply enter the PRO number given to you into the dialogue box provided on the website. A PRO Number is a 9 to 11-digit unique number provided to each shipment, and it is the easiest way to obtain information and updates. The PRO Number appears on all YRC Freight, New Penn, Holland, and Reddaway shipping paperwork and labels.

How to track step by step YRC?

Are you tired of visiting many websites only to get status reports on your shipment? With so many items sent by couriers these days, it’s important to keep a constant eye on them to prevent damage or theft of the shipping products.

YRC accomplishes this with ease by following a few easy steps. On the webpage, you must input your reference number. You can simply find out the status of your order by using the reference number, which could be a PRO, BOL, Load, or Booking number.

Where is YRC tracking number?

All shipment documentation and labels for YRC Freight, New Penn, Holland, and Reddaway include the YRC tracking or PRO Number. Simply input this number and you will be able to track your shipment.