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Do you want to track a package using ZTO Express Tracking? To check current status, enter your ZTO Express tracking number in the dialogue box.

ZTO Express facilitates the delivery of your purchased products from the seller to your location. ZTO Express is an extremely fast developing express delivery company, in China.

ZTO Express

As of 31 December 2016, ZTO’s broad and efficient national network in China provided express shipping service as well as many other value-added logistical solutions to over 96 percent of China’s counties and cities.

ZTO has formed itself as one of the biggest express shipping service providers for number of online consumers and merchants conducting business on China’s Top e-commerce platforms, such as Alibaba or JD.com, and is both a critical facilitator and a direct benefactor of China’s rapid growing e-commerce market.

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ZTO develops its coverage of worldwide express delivery by cooperating with international industry leaders, providing delivery services in important international markets with its business partners.

ZTO offers express delivery services that are quick, safe, yet cost-effective

ZTO is driven by its corporate purpose of bringing joy to more individuals through their services” and its key principles of “Collective Success, Integrity and Accountability, Entrepreneurship and Innovation.”

For its operations, the company has received several accolades, including “Top Ten Prominent Brands of China Express Delivery Market” and “Top Ten Outstanding Brands to Consumers’ Satisfaction in Chinese Express Delivery Industry.”

ZTO was the first one in the industry to develop a multi-province line-haul system, adopt delivery fee sharing, optimize a transit fee network settlement, launch a nationwide network ownership system, and form an organization for the mutual advantage of all network participants.

ZTO Express Tracking

Do you want to know how far along your order is? If you answered yes, you may check your shipment status and monitor your merchandise in a simple process. When you book a shipping service, ZTO Express Malaysia will usually provide you a ZTO Express Malaysia tracking number that will allow you to follow your parcel’s current location, in other words, it will provide you with details on the whole delivery process. This way, you’ll know if your item is in the airline, in transit, with the delivery company, or on its way to you.

 If you can’t recall your ZTO Express tracking number, call the ZTO Express Malaysia customer service hotline.


Contact Details

ZTO Express Malaysia

Address: ZTO Express, Lot. 139229, Jalan Sempadan Batu 7, Kampung Sijangkang 42500, Sijangkang, Klang

Phone number: 60129518808

Email: [email protected]

ZTO Express China

Address: Lutong Logistics Park, Lupu Industrial Zone, Yuhuan, Taizhou, Zhejiang, China

Phone Numbers: 13175870008